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Anritsu SmartStudio NR augments 5G verification efficiency

Anritsu Corporation introduces its SmartStudio NR (SSNR) environment, for the purpose of enabling the functional testing of 5G devices: it is supplied as control software for the MT8000A Radio ... more

Red Pitaya launches the STEMlab 250-12

Red Pitaya has launched a high-end STEMlab platform - STEMlab is a test and measurement environment designed to provide a low-cost alternative to many expensive measurement and control instruments. ... more

Epson and Rohde & Schwarz collaborate on a solution to measuring noise rejection in oscillators

Epson and Rohde & Schwarz have unveiled their joint development of a new test procedure, designed to measure power supply noise rejection, in an attempt to relax common signal integrity design ... more

GCF and TCCA launch joint taskforce to address mission critical certification

With the increasing strength of the critical broadband market, there is a need for a formal interoperability testing and certification process to ensure compliance to standards, and give end users a ... more

Lascar Electronics' EasyLog range of data loggers welcomes a new edition

From discovering new species of frogs in South America to monitoring water flow in caves in New Mexico, the EasyLog range of data loggers has seen plenty of action across the globe. As the ... more

Rohde & Schwarz collaborates with LG to deliver GEO-fencing wireless emergency alerts test solution

Rohde & Schwarz, in collaboration with LG Electronics, have successfully verified Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) 3.0 features related to GEO-Fencing using an LG G8 ThinQ mobile smartphone. The ... more

Another satisfied customer? How performance testing can protect manufacturers from negative consumer reviews

Manufacturers increasingly need to consider their products from the perspective of how happy the consumer is with their purchase. Negative reviews by customers on online sites can have a catastrophic ... more

Fluke presents pyrometers for high temperatures and various fieldbuses

Fluke Process Instruments extends its Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series, adding new shortwave versions and various additional interface options. The compact, extremely robust infrared thermometers ... more

FLIR introduces CM94 High-Current Clamp Meter for utilities & industrial electrical contractors

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR CM94 2000-amp AC/DC electrical utility clamp meter. Designed to tackle high current electrical measurements in demanding utility and industrial job sites, the CM94 ... more

Announcing the FLIR TG297 High-Temperature Industrial Thermal Camera

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR TG297 industrial thermal camera, which provides non-contact high-temperature measurement and thermal imaging for professionals in one tool. This versatile camera ... more

How to select the right fuse/MCB to work with your EMC filter

?In electronic equipment, the main focus often lies with the operational current demand (amperage) of a system. This means that modern systems are generally partitioned into different circuit ... more

Testing times – electronic product launch fails and how to avoid them

The smartphone may be reaching the end of the road. Speaking after the less-than-successful pre-launch of the Samsung Fold, CEO DJ Koh predicted that: "Once 5G and the Internet of Things are ... more

Scanning acoustic microscopy and analysing 3D packages in the Z-dimension

The concept behind advanced 3D packaging is to stack multiple dies or wafers in a vertical direction – or Z-dimension – to achieve better performance, with lower power requirements, smaller size and ... more

Sakor Technologies announces new testing technology for electric motors

Sakor Technologies has announced its latest series of dynamometer systems, for the testing and verification of efficiency in electric motors, by the rule of national and international standards such ... more

Tips for reducing error when using eddy current measuring techniques

Inductive eddy current technology is an extremely versatile, non-contact method for measuring an object’s position, distance or vibration. Unaffected by environmental contaminants or target finish ... more

Ideal Networks launches LanTEK IV

Ideal Networks has launched LanTEK IV, a copper and fibre cable certifier with its own, unique method. Providing faster test times, LanTEK IV can conduct and save a Cat6A test within 7 seconds, ... more

Yokogawa releases a wireless noise surveillance solution

Yokogawa, specialists in industrial automation and test & measurement solutions, announced a new, wireless noise surveillance system last week, as part of its OpreX Measurement range, due for ... more

Machine vision: pick and place with Flir thermal imaging cameras

Machine vision inspections using visual cameras can occasionally cause recognition problems if the product and background have too little colour contrast. In such cases, thermal imaging cameras can ... more

CheckSum Parallel Technology reduces inventory pile-ups

In light of recent concerns on Q1 and the weak returns shown on statistics released by ESCN, it's important that the industry acts now to guarantee a solid recovery. One cause is the inventory pile-... more

TÜV Rheinland and Aryaka team up to improve SD-WAN

Aryaka have announced that TÜV Rheinland, specialists in product quality assurance and testing, has deployed Aryaka’s SD-WAN as a service to upgrade and connect more than 20 office locations ... more

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