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U-shaped micro photoelectric sensor with a large range of different models

Published: 8 August 2016 - Sarah Mead

Although the external dimensions of the new PM Series Micro Photoelectric sensors have not changed compared to the older models, the distance between the emitting and receiving elements have been increased by 1mm. The wider distance between the emitter and receiver decreases the possibility of collision with the objects they are designed to detect.

The fixed width of the sensing head eliminates the need to perform beam alignment during installation. Reliability is increased significantly by encapsulating areas, such as PCB to cable connections in resin. This helps prevent malfunctions caused by vibrations and impacts and means the cabled PM-25 and PM-45 series offer an IP64 environmental resistance rating.  All models in the PM-25/45/65 series are equipped with reverse polarity protection so that the sensor is not damaged by incorrect wiring.

The nature of U-shaped photoelectric sensors mean they do not need to have their emitters and receivers aligned as both are fixed inside the sensor body. To aid mounting and beam positioning, the sensor body has marks indicating the upper and lower positions of the beam axis as well as a mark for the beam width.

Large variety of types

The 3 series of U-shaped photoelectric sensors come in a large variety of types for installation in small spaces, thus meeting all the different customer demands. The PM-25 and PM-45 series are equipped with a cable with a length of up to 3m. The connector-type series PM-65 completes the product portfolio.

U-shaped photoelectric sensors are used above all for the positioning and detection of moving objects.

Industry Connections: Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd

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