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Worldwide distribution agreement with RS Components and FLIR Systems

Published: 29 April 2015 - Marianne Evans

FLIR Systems has confirmed a major new distribution agreement with RS Components, the global distributor for engineers.  This partnership will give RS Components’ customers access to a wide range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras and premium grade instruments for testing and troubleshooting in preventative maintenance and building science.

In total, 35 FLIR products join the RS test and measurement portfolio, including the recently introduced FLIR C2, the world’s first, fully-featured pocket-sized thermal imaging camera and the FLIR TG165 imaging IR thermometer.

Valerie Ramon, global head of electrical, Test & Measurement with RS Components said: “The FLIR Systems range is a valuable addition to our portfolio and delivers advanced features with affordability. We have worked with FLIR Systems to create a unique special offer for the FLIR E4 – E8 Series and invite UK customers to find out more about this great introductory package at”.

The four models in the FLIR E-Series range feature a focus-free lens, easy one-button operation and resolution choices from 4800 to 76,800 pixels.  These handheld cameras support multiple imaging modes including thermal, visual and picture-in-picture.  They also feature FLIR MSX image-enhancement technology, a significant problem-solving development.

For those requiring greater functionality, higher resolution and wider analysis capability, RS Components now offer the FLIR Exx Series.  These cameras can be fitted with interchangeable wide-angle or telephoto lenses giving the flexibility to optimise field of view and image clarity to suit the application.

Completing the FLIR programme is a selection of test and measurement instruments including the DM93 digital multimeter, the CM Series handheld power clamps with power analysis and VFD diagnostics.  The CM78 also has a built-in IR thermometer making it ideal for use with high-amperage systems and temperature controlled equipment.

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