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Gazprom Energy makes life simple for UK sustainable waste management company

Published: 11 September 2020 - Rachael Morling

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, large companies have had to maintain their daily operations and look to their energy suppliers to provide flexibility during these uncertain times.

Biffa, the UK’s leading sustainable waste management company, experienced a change in its energy usage due to the lockdown, which saw a significant reduction in demand for services within its Industrial and Commercial and Landfill businesses. Gazprom Energy responded by enabling Biffa to be flexible with the terms of its energy contract at a number of sites.
Gazprom Energy has been supplying gas to 60 of Biffa’s sites for more than nine years. Biffa values the flexibility provided by the team at Gazprom Energy, as well as the seamless contract management, market insight and  secure gas supply. Despite this challenging period, the support provided by Gazprom Energy and Biffa’s third-party consultancy, has enabled the organisation to adapt its energy management strategy to ensure it remains fit for purpose.
Commenting on the relationship, David French, senior corporate account manager at Gazprom Energy said, “Biffa closely monitors its energy consumption and costs, with the key focus being on price certainty. This always underpins its risk strategy.
The aim on each renewal is to improve value for our customers.  As well as offering a competitive price, we also look at what additional services we can offer that can lead to enhanced efficiency or savings. We’re delighted to have been Biffa’s chosen supplier for over nine years and look forward to a continued successful relationship.”
“Gazprom Energy helps to ensure that we have the best energy deal in place. When the Covid-19 crisis began, Gazprom Energy allowed us to be flexible with our contract in locations where our energy demand had reduced. They also provided us with regular guidance on what impact the crisis would have on the energy market and how the fluctuations in price would affect our business. We’ve greatly appreciated their support during these difficult times.’’  Mark Robson, head of procurement at Biffa Waste Services.

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