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Power Continuity Energy Matters

Published: 11 October 2018 - Sarah Mead

Power Continuity doesn’t get the attention that is really deserves until things go badly wrong due to lack of energy control management. Power Continuity Protocols matter! We at Power Continuity understand.

At Power Continuity; we care about your energy management and take it seriously. Ever needed parts Urgently? Does Ebay provide your spare parts? Can’t get parts anymore, not even from Ebay? Then read on.

Energy Management budgets are always the first to get squeezed. When a request to enhance a service & maintenance contract is submitted, then it’s tossed out, with derision; not in this financial year. Is that your experience? Same applies for diesel generators, UPS systems, Fire suppression upgrades, A/C upgrades and the like, always putting off the necessary.

The Arctic is melting and Japan is flooded; Extreme weather equals, more power requirement for Air Con, Chillers, Compressors etc. putting pressure on old installations around the world & in your own estate. The risk is here, now.

This all stacks up to create the setting for the ’Perfect Storm’ where the delicate budget balance between well maintained power protection systems and working within a severely tight budget, tips the balance, and ker boom, lights out. All Out.

Are we being premature? Maybe we are;  but prevention is better than cure. Power Cuts, Do and will happen. When you least expect them. Transformers can trip out, breakers will fail. Ebay won’t save you next time. LV Panels over 20 years old are impossible to replace parts. Power Continuity recommends that all LV panels should have an annual inspection together with a full service and maintenance operation every 5 years.

We also design and build and install the best LV Mains Panels in the UK, in our opinion, responsible for controlling the whole procedure from conception to implementation. Energy Management under true control.

Ebay can’t offer contingency, whereas Power Continuity can and does operate 24/7, everyday of each year. 100% Power Continuity. Power Continuity engineers provide a site survey to confirm the status of your existing Building/Data Centre/Production facility that will

expose whether it is robust enough to withstand power disruption or not. Power Continuity Matters. Energy matters


• Has Energy Management become a ‘forgotten’ department?

• Is Power Continuity Energy Management taken seriously?

• LV breakers tripping out due to a power surge – not considered?

• HV Breakers tripping out due to faults up stream, who cares?

• Aged UPS or wrongly spec’d UPS can let spikes or brownouts through

• Generators not serviced regularly or not upgraded

• Lack of maintenance or any maintenance records

• NO ‘up to date’ schematics – No idea where they are?

Power Continuity always ensure the ‘NO Break power’ your facilities require by designing & installing dual power protection supplies supported by as a minimum an A Feed & B Feed. The journey begins with Power Continuity.

Power Continuity design N+N Uninterruptible Power supported by rapid start Synchronized Generators, with ‘forever-capacity’ fuel tanks.’

More often than not, Energy Management have no up to date records or up to date schematics due to numerous changes in personnel and FM companies. At that point; failure is no longer an option, it becomes inevitable.


Power Continuity engineers will carry out a full site investigative survey. Thermal Imaging. Load Bank testing. Mains failure tests. All written up together with ‘up to date’ electrical schematics. Why not ask us today?

Power Continuity can also upgrade your fire suppression system as well as upgrading your Air Conditioning systems, all whist your operations remain LIVE. Power Continuity can advise on the present risks, that exist both seen and unseen.

Take a few moments to check ‘the health of your Energy Management’ test:

Power Continuity have over 30 years of installations across the UK, all operating 24/7 power protecting the backbone of UK infrastructure.

When Power Continuity is your site main contractor then rest easy, because we ensure the best practice at all times, delivering within budget. We design & install everything ourselves in house.

PowerContinuity engineers protecting your energy management 24/7.

Power Continuity

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