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Natterbox available on world’s leading business appstore

Published: 6 November 2014 - Marianne Evans

Natterbox, the cloud-based voice service, has announced its presence on the world’s most popular business-to-business appstore,’s AppExchange. The listing now makes Natterbox Advanced Voice Services, including Natterbox Voice Intelligence, accessible to millions of users who want to boost employee productivity and increase user adoption.

Despite the increasing popularity of CRM systems to improve customer service and reduce the burden on sales teams, the call administration process is still slow and relies on manual intervention. On average it takes up to three minutes to log call data into a standard CRM system. With Natterbox Voice Intelligence users reduce data entry to a matter of seconds, standardising data capture and giving managers over 65 metrics to track customer service and sales performance, improving the integrity of CRM data and its value to the business.

Over 60% of business interactions take place over the phone and increasingly sales teams require more mobility, which means valuable customer data can be lost in these critical customer interactions due to administrative overheads. Natterbox Advanced Voice Services, provides sales teams with the means to automatically capture customer data on the go from any mobile or landline, and route both call data and audio recordings directly into Salesforce, for future analysis, lead nurturing or qualification.

“The more you communicate with and understand your customer, the more you can deliver improved customer experience and revenue growth,” said Neil Hammerton, CEO at Natterbox. “With Natterbox Voice Intelligence, sales and service executives learn more about their customers with every call. Each call tracks up to 65 data points captured and stored directly into Salesforce removing manual data entry. This means sales executives have more time to talk with their customers and make more sales, services teams can dedicate more time solving customer problems and managers are better able to identify performance improvement opportunities and reward top-performers sooner.”

Natterbox Advanced Voice Services is listed in the AppExchange under the Telephony category and provides Natterbox customers such as Groupon, British Safety Council and Pageant Media the ability to Call and Capture voice data as well as Route, Record and Report on all call activity. Natterbox Voice Intelligence vastly improves the value traditional CRM systems by enriching data with voice and delivers instant results for frontline sales staff.  

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