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Utilita Energy reduces gas prices by 5.6%

Published: 27 March 2015 - Marianne Evans
Utilita Energy has announced an average 5.6% gas price cut to be implemented 1st April 2015. This is to ensure its prices remain highly competitive against the Big Six and other independent suppliers, helping their customers to make further savings.
Currently supplying over 180,000 households across the UK and catering for the needs of lower income homes and vulnerable families, Utilita is pleased to be able to put this reduction in place. Prompted by the recent fall in wholesale costs, this change will ensure its Smart Energy prepayment prices stay below the Big Six and the majority of the independent suppliers. Utilita continually reviews its prices to ensure they are as competitive as overheads will allow.
This is just one example of how customer costs are kept to a minimum, as Bill Bullen, director and founder of Utilita, explains: “We always strive to offer competitively priced energy and, wherever possible, smash the prices offered by the Big Six. Utilita’s mission is to keep costs down for each and every customer, therefore we rarely get the chance to announce price reductions simply because we are already amongst the cheapest suppliers. However, when there are drops in wholesale and distribution rates, we’re eager to pass these savings onto our customers.” He added, “We’re delighted to announce this reduction.”
Utilita has decided to take this action and announce a price reduction so its customers can benefit from the drop in wholesale price as soon as possible. Even though the market can be volatile and unpredictable, Utilita is confident it can still go ahead with this significant price cut, whilst meeting its cost to serve.
Steve Parker, Utilita’s sales & marketing director commented: “Where other suppliers may make bold price reductions, Utilita sees the benefits of reducing its prices slowly but surely, maintaining a less erratic approach to their Smart Energy service – we want to supply our customers for many years to come with a reliable price point and see the road ahead as a long one. We want to invest in our services and products to ensure the prepayment energy market is supplied with facilities they need to access greater savings than a price cut alone would ever achieve.”
Utilita is now approaching its customers to make them aware of their latest energy price cut and continues to monitor the industry closely to ensure it is offering the best service possible.

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