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Recycling & Sustainability

Lighting the way to savings

Scott Safety, a provider of life safety protection products and services, expects to reduce its energy consumption at its Skelmersdale site by 81 per cent with the help of ­lighting manufacturer MHA ... more

Pallet box suits waste recycling will introduce the GoBox 1311 – said to be Europe’s largest plastic pallet box at the RWM exhibition later this year thought to be suitable for waste recycling.Designed by ... more

Air jet excels

Landia has helped a soft drinks manufacturer achieve exemplary standards in its treatment and discharge of effluent.Landia’s DG-I 80 Air Jet has been installed in the final effluent tank before ... more

Baler unveiled at RWM show

Baler and recycling equipment engineers Middleton Engineering will be showing what is said to be the UK’s first pre-press, twin-ram baler at 2012 RWM. For waste management ­companies and councils ... more

Compactor saves £50,000 costs a year

Manufacturer of polymer solutions, Manuplas has recorded a £15,000 saving on waste removal costs after investing in specialist foam Excell Environmental Solutions compacting technology.Manuplas ... more

Pumps facilitate waste latex handling

Börger has been helping reduce downtime at a UK waste management company, despite taking on a difficult pump application.Chemwaste utilises three Maintenance-In-Place Börger pumps to handle highly ... more

Reducing costs of waste management

In today’s competitive environment, manufacturers need to take advantage of every opportunity to reduce cost and environmental impact. One area which offers increasing opportunities for commercial ... more

UK manufacturing wastes millions on inefficient recycling

According to a report by environmental technology specialist Nederman, UK manufacturers need to be more efficient in how they recycle metal waste or continue losing millions in potential profits each ... more

AC drives prove energy efficient at tyre plant

One of Europe’s leading tyre manufacturing plants has installed a new cooling tower for process water – and cut its annual energy consumption by 1,500MWh. Key to the savings is the close speed ... more

Four times bearing life & reduced downtime costs on operation of sludge press in paper recyling

A bearing customer in the paper recycling industry is benefiting from four- times bearing life and avoiding the considerable downtime and maintenance costs of partial shut every six-months, following ... more

Inflatable solution helps seal out high energy bills

With continuing concern regarding high energy prices, more companies are looking to cut the cost of their fuel bills. And, according to John Meale... more

Wear protection solves abrasion problem during glass recycling

Glass is one of the most productive materials in terms of recycling potential, because it can be recycled over and over again without loss of quality or integrity. However equipment used to handle ... more

Integration is the future for waste-to-energy sector

As local authorities and the private sector seek solutions to waste disposal needs, the development, construction and operation of waste-to-energy and biomass incineration plants is increasing. Bob ... more

High-speed hand dryer sets new standards for energy efficiency

The revolution in hand drying has cranked up a gear, with the launch of a new model of Mitsubishi Electric’s Jet Towel, the original high speed, low energy dryer which is said to be saving on energy ... more

Cooling down on the cost of energy

With energy saving a major priority for many companies, including cold storage companies, Shaun Evers, MD at Stonegate Instruments, explains how energy is being wasted and introduces a ­selection of ­... more

New compressor makes major energy savings at E.ON site

Compressor manufacturer Mattei has installed an AC30sH compressor at an E.ON combined heat and power (CHP) site in Stoke-on-Trent, following a data logging exercise to assess the efficiency of the ... more

Stay ahead with shop floor efficiency

Mark Ashurst, business development manager at Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies, urges UK manufacturers to look at the potential savings achievable on their factory floors to help ... more

Online and mobile application energy-saving calculators

A new tool from Rockwell Automation allows manufacturers to use mobile devices or computers to calculate potential savings derived from variable frequency drives to power pumps and fans. ... more

Are renewables the answer?

Professor Nicholas Goddard of carbon offsetting organisation, looks at some of the arguments for and against the use of renewable resources to meet our future energy ... more - offsetting your CO2

The system was created to enable small businesses to achieve a positive environmental stance for minimal costs and maximum benefit. Displaying the CarbonApproved trustmark on your ... more

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