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Vibration proof threaded fasteners from Challenge Europe

Published: 7 April 2017 - Sarah Mead

Specialist industrial suppliers of threaded fastenings and fixings, Challenge Europe, have built up a portfolio of vibration proof products to suit many manufacturing and installation applications, both ex-stock and to custom specifications.

For sealing and locking purposes the Dubo Retaining Ring is a deformable plastic collar which prevents rotation of a threaded bolt or screw while effectively sealing the opening. Dubo rings are chemically resistant to most industrial environments and do not deteriorate or wear. They also absorb vibrations by virtue of their plastic-flexible characteristics. Dubo toothed collar rings complete the system where extra support is needed.

Traditional self-locking nut solutions are of course part of the Challenge package including nylon insert nuts, and all metal self-locking variants that use a range of features e.g. deformed or collapsed threads, to provide an interference fit condition. Other types of anti-vibration nuts include the serrated flange type and those that are combined with an external toothed lock washer. These are all available with the Challenge Europe supply chain management service of Kanban, Line-Feed (or Line-Side Supply), Vendor Managed Supply or JIT programming etc. Where a self-locking nut approach is not appropriate there are a number of washer products that can be used to impart vibration resistant properties, these include toothed lock washers, shakeproof washers, crinkle washers, Belleville washers and many sorts of nylon or fibre sealing washers.

Often of course a nut or washer solution may not always be suitable and in many cases the use of a patch applied to the male thread will prove to be a better option. These patches can be a simple nylon type which provides an interference fit but allows for the component to be used several times, or it can be of the adhesive type for a more permanent form of assembly. Challenge Europe can supply either of these which also carry the benefit of enabling quick automated insertion for continuous production assembly.

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