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Learn how to simplify your plant’s marshalling and reduce cost

Published: 16 January 2020 - Victoria White

Power management company Eaton has published a new whitepaper, “Simplified universal marshalling: its evolution and benefits”, which reviews the latest technological developments in automation marshalling systems, and provides real life examples and calculations of cost savings that can be achieved in typical process industry applications. It advises plant and project engineers how to optimise their marshalling set-up to reduce overall end user costs by up to 50 per cent.

The whitepaper outlines the current state of marshalling and goes on to describe pitfalls with existing practices, particularly around system complexity. It explains how customers are demanding greater standardisation and simplification from their automation systems to optimise uptime and drive down cost.

The document reviews the drivers for change in the industry such as cost, automation and agility, as well as the potential for improvement during specification, operation and maintenance. The latest technologies that are enabling and supporting increased production flexibility are also explored. The whitepaper then focuses on how Eaton, as a leader in reliability, efficiency and safety, has developed a pioneering new modular smart universal marshalling system which is set to transform processing applications – MTL SUM5.

It explores in detail how MTL SUM5 has been developed and provides readers with information on how the five key marshalling functions are now combined in a single cabinet design, which delivers the lowest lifetime costs and lowest installed cost while saving valuable space in the control room.
The paper gives insight into how readers can simplify their marshalling and presents worked examples of Bill of Material, operational and total cost of ownership calculations to demonstrate what and where savings can be made in real terms.

“Within system design, marshalling has been largely overlooked in recent years. It has lacked an overall vision for future development to enable it to keep pace with the challenges of modern production environments,” said Roger Highton, MTL Product Line Manager at Eaton. “This whitepaper describes how Eaton has responded by developing the MTL SUM5: an approach that delivers significant improvements and makes marshalling systems fit-for-purpose in an increasingly automated world.”

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