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Nelipak Laboratory Services Offers Transportation Testing

Lab is Fully INAB Accredited for a Full Range of Transportation Simulation Tests

Nelipak® Laboratory Services (“Nelipak”), a leading provider of healthcare packaging testing for the medical device ... more

Superior Technology Determines Reliability of AODP’s

From the most regulated environments to the most abrasive, O’Neill Industrial has years of experience helping industry choose the right pump for the right job. Supplying to pharmaceutical, ... more

GES Automation (IRL)

Nidec (Leroy-Somer) trading under GES Automation (IRL) have just completed our 1st quarter under the new structure and have had a wonderful introduction to our client base.

We are reaching out to ... more

Robotics and Automation in the MedTech Sectors: Technological Progress is Presenting an Array of Possibilities.

From robotic surgery and therapy applications to laboratory robots sorting blood samples and undertaking testing procedures, robotic utilisation within the MedTech sectors is on the increase across a ... more

Track assets more efficiently with fully customisable RFID labelling solutions

Smart RFID labelling enables industry 4.0 efficiencies in identification and management of components, products, machinery and tools. The scope of efficiency savings generated by RFID identification ... more

New Tork® productivity guide provides five steps to using “kaizen” for a sustainable competitive advantage

Manufacture CNC parts on-demand

Downtime can have exponential consequences on productivity in manufacturing facilities, with knock-on effects on everything from quality to cost. For the modern manufacturer, minimising downtime is ... more
How much time do you spend getting your custom machined parts made? Usually it takes 1-2 weeks just to get a quote and dozens of emails to discuss the project — that’s before even factoring in the ... more

Mitsubishi Electric’s automation technology delivers highly accurate control solution for anaerobic digestion plant

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Partner, Ashdale Engineering, located in Northern Ireland, has designed a highly accurate control system for an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. The precision process ... more

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