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Energy & Waste Management

Safety within the waste and recycling sector

Klaus Allion, MD, ANT Telecom, explores how technology can help to safeguard employees within the waste and recycling sector more

Recycling Technologies appoints new chairman of the Board

Recycling Technologies, specialists in the feedstock recycling of residual plastic waste, has announced the appointment of Gary Bullard as the new company chairman of the Board more

Is it time to rethink plastic in packaging?

A cross-party parliamentary group warning that firms are replacing plastic with potentially more harmful alternatives for the environment is a wakeup call more

Taking responsibility for reducing carbon emissions

As more data becomes available about climate change and the influence of carbon emissions means all aspects of industry are being encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint more

Extended Product Directive – a pump is not a light bulb

The aim of the EU Eco-Design Directive is to improve the environmental impact of energy-intensive products by optimising their design more

2020: The Year of Net Zero

2020: a year when perfect vision in waste management will be essential

2020 will be a defining year for the UK’s built environment, marking the dawn of a decade of action in which the industry will be transformed by the UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development more
Cawleys expects to look back on 2019 as the waste management watershed year more

Major international stocks and sauces manufacturer appoints Cawleys as its waste management partner

Major International has appointed Luton based waste, recycling and resource manager, Cawleys, to recycle the waste from its production facility and head office innovation centre in Higham Ferrers more

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