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Health & Safety

Maintaining a healthy and productive workforce during coronavirus

As the country gets used to being in lockdown, attention is shifting to how we maintain the health and wellbeing of our army of new homeworkers more

Yogurt manufacturer fined after two employees suffered serious injuries

A yogurt manufacturing company has been prosecuted after two employees suffered serious injuries following the release of an acidic cleaning solution more

HGV safety technology – a win-win investment?

As HGV fleet managers seek to cut operating costs, an industry survey has found that some are questioning the affordability of safety upgrades to vehicles more

Company fined after worker loses thumb

A poultry processing company was fined for safety breaches after an agency worker had her thumb severed on a moving part of a processing line more

Free training courses to help you stay safe working from home during Coronavirus

The British Safety Council is offering free online training courses for home workers as the nation changes its working habits to meet the threat of Coronavirus more

Arc Flash 101 - all you need to know when it comes to staying safe on-site

Dealing with a workplace death inquest

Mark Lant, ProGARM, explains just what an Arc Flash is, why it is among the most dangerous risk on any work site, and how you can protect both yourself and your colleagues more
Sally Hancock, health and safety partner at law firm BLM, discusses the appropriate steps when dealing with an inquest in the aftermath of a work-related death


Are you at risk? Nine shocking facts about Arc Flash you need to know!

You may know that you’re at risk of an Arc Flash incident, but when it comes to the severity and real dangers posed by such an incident, it is rare that teams are fully in the loop more

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