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Tidy workplace, productive minds

A tidy industrial workplace not only improves productivity but also safety, says Jim Roberts, product manager at visual communications specialist, Beaverswood more

Additive manufacturing & 3D printing safety

BOFA International, specialists in portable fume and dust extraction, is delivering a free virtual seminar on 19th March to help companies better understand the hazards more

G4S invests in a “constant kill” surface coating against SARS CoV-2

G4S has supplied and applied Liquid Guard, a permanent bond anti-microbial coating, to high-touch points within a number of key buildings in the UK more

Engineering firms called on to address employee exposure to welding fumes and metalworking fluid amid HSE inspection plans

Occupational health expert Bureau Veritas is advising the sector to tighten existing procedures on limiting the risks to health associated with welding fume and metalworking fluid exposure more

Is ‘COVID-safe’ guidance enough?

Here, Chris Potts, Marketing Director at ANT Telecom, discusses whether 'Covid-safe' is guidance enough for life after lockdown and whether businesses could be doing more more

Why isn't UV disinfection being used more widely in the fight against COVID-19?

Don’t get caught out in the cold

Richard Little asks why UV air disinfection is not being used in the fight against Covid-19 especially when there is a convincing argument for using it to improve air in a range of work environments more
We are in the midst of a cold winter season that has already brought snowfall, ice and freezing conditions. With many hazards to be aware of, a winter plan is a good idea for reducing risk more

Bureau Veritas calls on businesses to simplify property compliance during lockdown with digital audit trail

With the recent round of coronavirus lockdowns worldwide continuing to disrupt business operations, Bureau Veritas is advising firms to simplify their property compliance processes more

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