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More hygiene and occupational safety in production plants

Published: 14 May 2020 - Victoria White

Wherever production takes place, cleaning is required. And the cleaner the factory, the safer the employees. MEWA offers textile cleaning cloths and oil collecting mats in a full-service system, which can significantly reduce accidents at work.

The German company, with over one hundred years of experience, has been the global market leader in textile management since 2011. Small and large industrial companies from a wide range of industries, such as for example, automobiles, printing, textiles, metal processing, construction, moulds and food rely on the sophisticated, sustainable and cost-effective system from MEWA. 2.6 million people in 21 countries use MEWA cleaning cloths in their work every day.

Birmingham, May 2019: Keeping industrial companies clean is a daily challenge. Oils and lubricants must be wiped up and removed from machines and surfaces. That costs time and money and sometimes both are scarce. So why not outsource this task to professionals? MEWA provides industrial companies with two powerful partners: the cleaning cloth MEWATEX, which is available in different qualities depending on the area of ??use, and the textile oil collecting mat MULTITEX, which can be used very flexibly, even where an oil pan is too bulky is. The special service from MEWA is that the cleaning cloths and mats are offered in a reusable system. This means that the soiled cloths and mats are picked up from the customer at the agreed rhythm, in compliance with the legal environmental and disposal requirements, then washed in an environmentally friendly manner and returned clean on time. MEWA therefore assumes all responsibility for the dangerous goods.

MEWA also provides the specially developed MEWA Safety Container SaCon so that the cloths and mats can be stored safely and neatly in the factories. With this, too, the system ensures increased safety in the factories. It also helps to keep things tidy and saves time because fresh cleaning cloths and mats are always at hand and have a permanent place in the company both before and after use. And when visiting customers and carrying out an audit, the factory can present itself in an organized, safety-conscious and environmentally friendly manner.

Source: Industrial Compliance

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