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STANLEY Security’s Remote Guard Service saves manufacturer £76k per annum

Earthing and lightning protection manufacturer ABB Furse has replaced its on-site manned guarding with STANLEY Security’s Remote Guard Service, resulting in a saving of £76k per annum more

Burnley Football Club breaks the Transfer Zone

To address the inadequacies of transient cleaning with disinfectant sprays, Burnley’s medical team looked to a new nanocoating technology more

Rubix UK expands engineering capabilities with Knowlton & Newman

Rubix UK has acquired Knowlton & Newman – a specialist provider of electro-mechanical repair services to industries across the south of England more

Survey reveals 71 per cent of UK workers feel unsafe in buildings

Honeywell today released the results of a comprehensive study on workers’ perceptions and feelings on the health and safety of their workplace more

New BCGA president will bring global experience to role

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has elected a new national president, with strong links across Europe and the globe more

WEG and Technidrive supply equipment for elevator application in extreme conditions

DHF releases code of practice guidance for members

An automated warehouse is a breath-taking sight, as reams of pallets are automatically scanned and retrieved for delivery. But not all automation systems are made to endure extreme environments more
In response to the UK leaving the EU, DHF has released a supplement to their ‘code of practice’ documents DHF TS 011:2019 and DHF TS 012:2019 more

Northern Industrial opens Mexico office

UK-based international spare parts and repairs exporter Northern Industrial has opened an operation in Mexico to help service the Americas including the USA more

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