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Safe & Simple Single Gas Detectors from Gas Clip Technologies

Published: 24 November 2020 - Victoria White

Employees are the backbone of a company and key components of that business’ success. Therefore, providing a safe work environment is essential; and in order to create such a workplace, procedures and precautionary measures must be frequently evaluated and updated. Fortunately for many industries, such steps are already being taken, which is why the list of portable gas detector users grows longer every year. However, each industry has its own needs. Some require detectors that can sound an alarm for multiple dangerous gases; but what about those who only need a device that monitors for one? Fortunately, along with a wide array of gas detection products, Gas Clip Technologies manufactures a variety of single gas detectors to meet your needs.

Single Gas Clip

Designed to withstand the harshest work environment, the Single Gas Clip is at the top of its class in sensor reliability and is available in three different versions—SCC O2 for testing oxygen levels, SGC H2S for detecting hydrogen sulfide and SGC CO for detecting carbon monoxide. Each one has a simple, one button operation and allows the user to create adjustable alarm set points, including the intervals for bump test and calibration notifications. Additionally, each detector has a real-time gas reading capability and a unique, programmable six-digit detector identification code, which makes deciphering which detector belongs to which worker a great deal easier.

Single Gas Clip Plus

The other single gas detector designed and manufactured by Gas Clip Technologies is the Single Gas Clip Plus. Like her twin sister, the Single Gas Clip Plus has top-of-the-line sensor reliability and adjustable alarm set points with real-time gas reading capability. However, what sets her apart from the Single Gas Clip is the battery-saving hibernate mode. While both single gas detectors have a battery life-span of two years, hibernate mode allows the Single Gas Clip Plus to be put to sleep when not in use which in turn allows the detector to be operable for up to three years from activation. Also, this detector comes in two versions—SGC Plus H2S for detecting hydrogen sulfide and SGC Plus CO for detecting carbon monoxide.

Other Products & Services

Aside from single gas detectors, Gas Clip Technologies also offers four multi gas detectors (one of them with an internal pump) and a wide variety of accessories to help make worksites safer. All products are processed through a rigorous quality check by Gas Clip team members before shipping to ensure trouble-free product operation; and if any product or warranty questions arise, the company’s professional, second-to-none customer service department is always ready to assist.

All Gas Clip products are available through distributors worldwide. Please visit or call +1.972.775.775 for more information.

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