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Simple Solution to Your Gas Detection Needs

Published: 8 September 2020 - Victoria White

Keeping employees safe while at a worksite is always a priority, so they need the most reliable protective equipment possible. When it comes to gas detection, Gas Clip Technologies has spent over a decade specializing in providing dependable, compliance-based, affordable gas detectors that utilize cutting-edge technology; and now, multigas detection is simpler and safer than ever with the Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus.

Technology That Lasts

Launched in June 2018, this simple-to-use, portable multigas detector is the first wearable gas monitor that runs for three years without recharging or recalibration thanks to advanced low-power LED photometric infrared technology. Most multiple gas detectors have to be charged every day. However, the extremely low drain on the detector’s battery makes the Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus the only multigas detector on the market today to provide 1,095 days of continuous use without charging. The constant hassle of making sure that detectors are fully charged before each use along with the daily concern of detectors powering down in the middle of a job are both eliminated.

Safety and Reliability

Additionally, the use of low-power LED photometric infrared LEL sensor technology allows the Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus to more reliably detect the presence of combustible gases. Even in the most extreme conditions, the monitor has proven dependable by immediately warning workers of the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), combustible gases (Lower Explosive Limit - LEL) as well as the deficiency or enrichment of oxygen in the atmosphere. With the Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus, workers can focus on the job at hand knowing that they can rely on their gas detectors to alert them when there is exposure to dangerous gases no matter the situation.

What Makes Everything Simple

Another resource-saving feature that contributes to the safety and operation of the Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus is the ability to perform a full-function self-test upon activation and at regular intervals for the life of the detector to ensure proper operation of the sensors, battery and circuitry. If there is a problem, the failure alert feature displays an error message to notify the user and helps prevent workers from entering potentially unsafe conditions with faulty equipment. Additionally, the Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus allows customizable alarm set points and detailed data logging. Valuable information  is documented in one-second increments, which in turn provides a “black box” of critical details that map out the development of gas exposure from the moment of detection.

Top-Quality Client Care

In conjunction with Gas Clip Technologies’ superlative products, their customer service department is second-to-none. Their team tests 100% of their detectors before shipping them to clients in order to guarantee product quality. This procedure helps eliminate potential downtime and expenses that can occur due to detector malfunctions.

Since Gas Clip Technologies’ products are available through distributors worldwide, innovative gas detection solutions are always within easy reach. For more information, visit or call +1.972.775.7577.

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