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Yordas Group launches regulatory monitoring system for automotive industry

Published: 28 November 2018 - Victoria White

Yordas Group has launched a global regulatory monitoring system on behalf of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

The Global Regulatory Monitoring System for Chemical Substances (GRMS2) is a regulatory radar for the Automotive Industry, providing key information on regulatory action being considered for the substances used within the sector.

The automotive industry is facing growing pressures to ensure environmental compliance, from ever increasing legislative rigour. The GRMS2 platform aims to inform companies in advance of new regulations, enabling the sector to make timely decisions regarding their regulatory compliance.

The system is built around the comprehensive data that powers Yordas Hive, an internationally renowned regulatory compliance and chemicals management system. Yordas Hive was launched by Yordas Group in 2011 to meet the growing demand for accurate, up-to-date regulatory data on chemicals globally.

GRMS2 contains hundreds of Fact Sheets scripted by experts at Yordas Group. These Fact Sheets provide key information on new and existing global laws impacting the Automotive Industry, including how they impact on manufacture, import, and the after-sales of both articles and process chemicals. Updates to the legislation and the relevant chemicals are tracked on a daily basis through Yordas Hive, which contains over 260,000 substances and more than 1,000 regulatory lists. This data is then utilised in GRMS2 to trigger any necessary updates to the impact assessment by Yordas Group and warn users of upcoming changes.
The roll-out of the GRMS2 tool is scheduled to take place over a 3-year period, with new Fact Sheets being added continuously during that time.

Dr. Sandra Meijer, Yordas Group’s project director for GRMS2, said: “I am very excited about the launch of the GRMS2 tool, which is the result of many months of intense effort and close collaboration between Yordas Group and ACEA. This unique tool has been made possible thanks to the vision of ACEA and the expertise of Yordas Group, and will provide companies in the automotive industry with the vital information they need to manage the impact of chemicals regulations on their business."

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