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The healthy option for medical device testing

One of Ireland’s leading suppliers of healthcare products, Independent Healthcare Service, is using Rigel Medical’s 288 analyser to improve the electrical safety testing of products provided to ... more
Test & Measurement

Measuring motor efficiency to increase energy savings

With increasingly stringent legislation dictating minimum energy efficiency of motors, now is the time for ­manufacturers to calculate productivity gains against these new performance levels, ... more
Test & Measurement

Handheld tester provides vital early warning of pipe wall thinning

The handheld UT5000 Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Tester from CorDEX Instruments is suitable for measuring metal thickness on pipelines and fixed equipment within hazardous locations. Key to its ... more
Test & Measurement

Variable speed drive is worth its weight in gold

When gearbox failure stopped production at the Omagh Minerals site in Cavanacaw, Ireland’s only operational goldmine, it initially seemed that repairs would take weeks if not months. However, in just ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

Ultra compact, stand-alone, network servo drive

Inmoco has launched the Gold Solo Trombone – an ultra-compact, stand-alone, network servo drive from Elmo Motion Control. A high power density servo drive designed to operate "Direct to Mains", from ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

Feature rich motor drive

Allied Motion's recently launched EnduraMax 75i integrated brushless servomotor-drive is available from Mclennan Servo Supplies. Combining a high power density 75mm diameter brushless DC motor, an ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

Distributed inverter range with increased options

NORD Drivesystems has added an external 24V control input option to its entry level and low-cost SK2x0E motor mounted decentralised inverter. The external control allows the possibility for inverter ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

Gearboxes to suit demanding apps

The Vogel bevel helical gearboxes available from Techdrives suit demanding drive applications because of their small size and high efficiency. The KS range also has low backlash and inertia, suiting ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

A solution for simple or complex motion control

Delta Tau’s Geo Brick LV family of packaged eight-axis motion and machine controllers is available from Heason Technology as part of its motion system design and build service. The Geo Brick LV and and the new 19in rack mount version, the LV-PC, is supplied with eight user configurable 250W drives for linear or rotary brushed and brushless servos, ceramic motors or stepper motors in any mix with feedback interfaces that include practically all commercially available types. more
Drives, Motors & Controls

Efficiency for every link in the chain

While companies will strive to demonstrate their green ­credentials, ­commercial reality will drive policy and all aspects of the supply chain will be reviewed to ensure ­running costs are minimised, ... more
Warehousing, Handling & Storage

Innovative uses for 'an old technology'

When you think about innovation in manufacturing, barcoding and labelling is not something that springs to mind. However, although this technology is over 30 years old, barcoding continues to play an ... more
Packaging Machinery & Labelling

Robotics solution tackles delicate food handling

Ireland-based robotics manufacturer Tekpak Automation has joined forces with Schneider Electric to reach an innovative solution for high speed delicate product packing for the food industry. The ... more
Packaging Machinery & Labelling

Ultrasonic sealing boosts bagging machine performance

PFM’s top-of-range Vetta vertical form-fill-seal machine is now equipped with a new ultrasonic sealing system that improves seal efficiency in difficult environments and helps save materials. “The ... more
Packaging Machinery & Labelling

Actuators solve label challenge

Hepcomotion’s linear motion products have been incorporated in a special purpose labelling machine designed by York-based Sessions Label Solutions for an international confectionary company.A single ... more
Packaging Machinery & Labelling

Print & apply machine labels 240 units per minute

Logopak has launched a new generation print and apply labelling machine that allows high volume goods such as pharmaceuticals, CDs and some tobacco products to be identified at full line speed with a ... more
Packaging Machinery & Labelling

Square packages are in the bag

Chronos BTH has recently introduced the new BlockTop bag closing system being used in packing rooms around the world where it is helping to produce uniform square shaped bags; that are hygienically ... more
Packaging Machinery & Labelling

Packaging machines for meats and delicate fruits

Ilpak’s new Delta 4000/3SS is a high speed flowrapper with its own integrated zipper solution. It is designed to offer manufacturers flexibility combined with high throughputs, excellent pack ... more
Packaging Machinery & Labelling

Bespoke weighing solution is the big cheese

AutoCoding Systems, packaging line solutions systems integrator, has developed a bespoke cheese weighing and labelling system for chilled dairy foods company Dairy Crest - Dairy Crest’s Davidstow ... more
Weighing & Ingredient Technology

Checkweigher can switch between capacities and graduations

Ishida Europe has launched a new range of checkweighers which the ­company says takes checkweighing – including speed and accuracy, robustness, hygiene and easy operation – to a new level of ... more
Weighing & Ingredient Technology

Scales suit manual weighing

Developed for use in hygienically sensitive areas, Mettler Toledo’s new food scales are suitable for a variety of manual weighing tasks. The ICS range is designed to make operation, maintenance and ... more
Weighing & Ingredient Technology

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