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Connecting OT and IT infrastructure in manufacturing

e of the key challenges for today’s businesses engaged in the process of digitalisation is connecting shop floor operational technology (OT) with IT infrastructure. From machine building to plant ... more

70% time savings in system configuration and ordering achievable with the Festo Handling Guide Online

Machine builders, system designers and project engineers can now configure and create new handling system solutions in record time using the Handling Guide Online from industrial automation ... more

Andon Lights and beacons with USB connectivity

WERMA offers clever solutions that simply work

In many manufacturing and process applications it is necessary to indicate machine status/faults/warnings by means of signal lights/beacons/traffic ... more


Recycled plastics, robotics and the moulding process

Plastic, especially single-use plastic, has been in the spotlight of late as consumers become more mindful of the environmental impact of plastic and opt to reduce their use of unsustainable plastic ... more

30W Interchangeable Plug Adapter comply with Medical standards and approved for Home Healthcare Applications

Components Bureau announce availability of the new Cincon TR30RDM series Medically certified external PSU, comprising of 6 models with interchangeable AC plugs and up to 30W output power. The AC-DC ... more

Mecmesin’s OmniTest™ materials tester and VectorPro MT materials testing software

Designed to meet the diverse needs of both R&D laboratories and quality assurance environments, this new generation of material testers offers enhanced performance and excellent value for money.

... more



A new PRESSURE TRANSMITTER for hygienic applications including features and benefits such as; IO-Link and 0.2% accuracy is the latest addition to the extensive range of process sensors available from ... more

TDR-240 Series 240W Slim 3-Phase Input DIN Rail Power Supply

TDR-240 Series 2MEAN WELL’s new generation of slim 3-phase input DIN rail power supplies have been widely adopted by high power 3-phase systems since the release of the TDR-480/960(480W/960W). In ... more

WDR-60 Series 60W Single-Phase 180-550VAC Ultra-Wide Input DIN Rail Power Supply

Worldwide DIN rail power supply demands are growing rapidly as a result of the continual growth of the automation industry. After releasing the WDR-120(120W), WDR-240(240W), and WDR-480(480W), MEAN ... more

The XBG-160 series

The XBG-160 series is a newly developed LED driver for high bay and outdoor luminaires applications. With its patented appearance and cutting-edge circuitry design, XBG series is believed to blow up ... more

Connectivity at all levels is the key to success

One platform for electric automation means seamless connectivity. From electromechanical systems, servo motors and servo drives to complete positioning systems and motion control solutions as well as ... more

SmartMONITOR from WERMA- an andon light based wireless retrofit machine and equipment monitoring and data collection system

With SmartMONITOR monitoring the real-time up and down time of machines and equipment gives greater transparency of the operation and enables bottlenecks, repetitive fault codes, unscheduled downtime ... more

Barley malt producer increases productivity with smart condition monitoring

Muntons, one of the UK’s largest producers of malted barley protect vital parts of their production process against unscheduled downtime by using the Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) system from ... more

Laboratory Balance and Scale Q&A Guide

Providing Solutions for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Ever wondered what these buzzwords mean? Resolution Readability Accuracy Safety Factor Minimum Weight Tolerances Or why professional ... more


RB Series recommended for small to medium size robots

According to a recent piece in Power Electronic News entitled ‘Smart Power for a Smart Industry’ the Cosel RB series are suitable for small to medium size robots, due to the output voltage ... more

Collaborative Robots – Built to Do More

Universal Robots

As the world’s leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, we are constantly looking for the next opportunity to help manufacturers do more. This is why we’ve recently launched ... more


Temperature, humidity, moisture and differential pressure instrumentation

ROTRONIC is a leading manufacturer of temperature, humidity, differential pressure and CO2 instrumentation

Rotronic products are specified throughout industry for the reliable measurement and ... more


Collaborative Robots – Built to Do More

As the world’s leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, we are constantly looking for the next opportunity to help manufacturers do more. This is why we’ve recently launched our most powerful ... more

Finning launches new guide on power density

Finning UK & Ireland (Finning) has launched a free new guide to help plant owners and operators achieve a balance between greater power output and available space, available at more

Leaders in Cable Safety

Skyhook GB was first established in April 2004. Based in Horley, the company specializes in providing high-quality products. Our cable support system helps prevent trips, slips and falls in the ... more

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