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Medical Devices

Powering the future of surgery

Many people still have a classical view of surgery — skilled surgeons in scrubs manually cutting, inspecting and sewing patients back up again. However, surgery equipment has come a long way.  more

Not out on a limb - Band saw specialist supports medical model manufacture

It takes a lot of dedication to choose a career in medicine. To become a GP you’re looking at five years of further training on top of a medical degree, and to become a hospital consultant you can ... more

Medical Device Regulation must dispense with jargon for a unified supply chain

Manufacturers and vendors within the medical device industry must establish a ‘common language’ to allow information to become integrated and aggregated throughout the supply chain.

The medical ... more

The first Renishaw neuromate® stereotactic robot in Canada installed at the London Health Sciences Centre, Ontario

Renishaw is pleased to announce the first neuromate® stereotactic robot in Canada has been installed in the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) in London, Ontario.

The first neuromate® assisted ... more

Tornos Swiss DT 26 delivers 80% cycle time reductions at CTPE

A leading subcontract supplier to the healthcare, medical and scientific sectors has seen cycle times cut by 80% in some instances as a result of investing in its first sliding-head turning centre – ... more

Counterfeit batteries: The Achilles heel of MedTech

Proportional solenoid valve is suitable for use in analytical and medical applications

International battery specialist, Accutronics, has created a slideshare highlighting the dangers counterfeit batteries pose to medical technology (MedTech). Given the critical nature of medical ... more
Emerson has unveiled an ASCO 22mm Flapper valve, ideal for use in Analytical and Medical Technology (AMT) applications. The new valve design prioritises separation between the media and the ... more

InterVision global secures innovate UK grant to develop flexible production technology

InterVision has embarked upon a 22 month Research and Development program for the development and manufacture of a new flexible automated production system for the medical sector more

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