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Print & apply machine labels 240 units per minute

Published: 16 January 2012 - Heather Ramsden

Logopak has launched a new generation print and apply labelling machine that allows high volume goods such as pharmaceuticals, CDs and some tobacco products to be identified at full line speed with a unique barcode. Unlike standard print and apply machines, mostly designed for speeds up to 100 a minute, the new Logopak Logomatic 510 Rota is able to reach 240 a minute, using a six-head rotary applicator.

This allows application of one label as the next is printed, more than doubling machine speed. “Issues of traceability, stock rotation and security mean there is demand for unit packs to be identified with unique information,” says Logopak UK general manager Wilson Clark. “A printed ­barcode label carries all the data reliably, in both machine and human readable forms.”

The new machine is based on a standard Logopak 515 case labeller but with the printed labels picked up by vacuum on the rotary applicator and then transferred to the pack by direct pressure or air-blast. As a result, operation is continuous motion, with no reciprocating parts.

“Standard print and apply machines will generally run happily up to 100 a minute but, above that speed, maintenance becomes an issue,” says Clark.

Logopak is now running trials of the new machine on production lines at three locations in Europe.

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