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SafetyCulture captures real-time risks to protect people and assets in the manufacturing industry

10 August 2020

As the world grapples with getting safely back to business following lockdown, the world’s leading platform for workplace safety and efficiency, SafetyCulture, continues to deliver practical solutions. SafetyCulture is making it even easier for manufacturers to remove points of failure, focus on core tasks and capture anything that raises concern.

Tightening regulations and increasing social scrutiny are driving companies globally to invest in automated systems to help identify and mitigate risks to their business. Already, more than 27,000 companies worldwide are using SafetyCulture’s flagship product –  iAuditor a mobile inspection app – to complete daily COVID-19 inspections.

SafetyCulture’s new products - Sensors and Incidents - are launching in line with safety becoming the world’s number one business priority and its Safely Back to Business programme. Instead of physical monitoring of environmental conditions, and manually inputting results in a physical or digital form, SafetyCulture’s sensors enables workers to connect the sensors and data feeds through the iAuditor app to; monitor conditions like temperature and humidity levels in real-time and be alerted when things go out of range and respond instantly.

Similarly, the launch of Incidents allows team members to capture anything that raises concern in the mind of the worker, such as property damage and personal injury. Teams are empowered to be proactive in identifying and resolving risk and becoming active players in protecting people and property.







For the last 14 years, SafetyCulture has led the market in mobile-first safety, quality and operational inspections. Its Chief Operating Officer, Alistair Venn, is confident these latest launches will not only support businesses with safety but also their growth: 

“We started work on these new products long before COVID-19. We knew that giving our customers a clearer profile of their organisations would give them the ability to get ahead of problems and their competitors. The top down compliance model is broken. We’re giving teams the tools to communicate more fluidly so they’re agile and ever-ready to react.” 

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