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Second laser cutter multiplies output at XL-PT

Published: 11 March 2015 - Marianne Evans

As a result of continuing expansion, medical device component manufacturer XL Precision Technologies (XL-PT), based in Stockton-on-Tees in the North-East of England, recently added a second fine tube laser cutting system from Rofin-Baasel UK.  As a result of increased demand for fine tube cutting and having reached the full capacity of the first ROFIN StarCut Tube, XL-PT took the decision to buy a new system in 2014.

When deciding to add a second fine tube cutting system, XL-PT was keen to also expand the capability.  In the new system, they opted for the ROFIN StarFiber 320FC fibre laser source rather than the lamp-pumped YAG laser they have been using in the original ROFIN laser cutting system since 2009. The new laser cuts 30% faster with better edge quality and can produce 10-15% more parts per shift than the previous system. Like the previous system, the new system has 4 CNC-controlled axes and an autoloader to automatically feed fresh tubes into the machine for higher throughput and lower operator intervention.  The new system also allows longer parts to be processed and copes easily with larger diameters of tube.

XL-PT has seen demand for medical device processing grow year on year, with increased uptake in the USA leading to a planned expansion into that territory during the next 12 months.  Tom Graham, MD at XL-PT commented: “Laser processing now accounts for over half of the output from the factory – the relationship with ROFIN has allowed us to double in size changing the balance of the company and enhancing our traditional wire EDM business”

As well as laser cutting systems, XL-PT has an EasyMark laser engraving and marking system from ROFIN as well as 2 Select laser welders for CNC laser welding of small components.   

Rofin-Baasel UK supplies systems for laser welding, cutting, engraving and drilling to a large base of industrial customers throughout  the UK and Ireland.

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