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Quick and efficient van loading

Joloda delivers a quick and efficient load for Amelia Knight cosmetics.

Amelia Knight supplies cosmetics to Asda, Primark and many other large retailers and has invested in another Vanloda system ... more

Renovotec introduces ‘enhanced rental’ rugged hardware scheme

First public showing at IMHX 2019

--New, ‘Renovotec Enhanced Rental’ benefits for supply chain users include all devices shipped with MDM; ‘7 to 7’ rental-specialist UK help desk; same day broken ... more

The Interview RARUK’s EffiMat Storage tech just got smarter

Jim, describe your role at RAR (UK).

When I first learned about the EffiMat system I knew it would have huge possibilities in the UK. Since joining the company my role has been to spread the word ... more

The evolution of robotics in the food industry

The adoption of automated robotic processes is on the increase in almost every step of the food supply chain. Whilst the industry has been relatively slow in realising the benefits that can be ... more

Ensenso XR: the new 3D camera family with integrated data processing

The Ensenso XR is the first stereo vision camera offered by IDS that processes 3D data directly in the FPGA. The 3D camera system is therefore particularly suitable for computing-intensive ... more

IMHX: Visitors to Kardex will experience and test the Industry Leader’s 3 Main Automated Storage and Retrieval systems

Hart’s new corporate brochure

One of the highlights of IMHX is the ability to experience under-one-roof solutions that are required by industries on a daily basis. Kardex is pulling out all the stops this year and giving all ... more
Hart Door Systems has published a new corporate brochure covering its product range and project profiles.

Chairman Doug Hart explains it was timely to summarise the success of the company given the ... more

Digitisation, IoT and the role of the battery in the smart warehouse

Matteo Todesco, Senior Marketing Manager at EnerSys looks at warehouse digitisation trends and presents the case for smart power management in electric lift truck fleets.

To understand the ... more

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