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Cortec® releases new brochure addressing the highly corrosive desalination industry!

9 March 2016

Cortec® has published a new brochure for those wondering how to combat the highly corrosive nature of the desalination industry. “VpCI® Technology For Desalination Industry” not only acknowledges the inherent risks for corrosion in the extremely high chloride environments of desalination plants—it also proposes ways to protect these plants from the safety risks, process interruption, or plant shutdown that could result from corrosion. As a highly corrosive industry, desalination needs the most efficient Nano VpCI solutions available.

With typically low toxicity and polluting effects, Cortec’s Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs) and Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCIs) help turn the tables on corrosion. In addition to avoiding many of the chromates, heavy metals, nitrites, or chlorinated hydrocarbons of past corrosion-inhibiting systems, Cortec® VpCIs and MCIs offer more effective and uninterrupted protection by the formation of continuous chemical bonds over metal surfaces. The thin, monomolecular protective barrier formed by this technology re-heals, self-replenishes, and can be combined with many functional properties.

The brochure explains that Cortec® VpCIs can be added to systems at multiple points for versatile protection in the interphase, liquid phase, and vapor phase. VpCIs do not alter emulsion properties, require little or no surface preparation, and do not interfere with operation of mechanical components. Cortec® products safely replace:

  • Nitrites
  • Molybdates
  • Phosphonates
  • Morpholine
  • Hydrazine

The brochure highlights three main areas in need of corrosion solutions: infrastructure, layup of critical spares, and equipment operations. Ongoing maintenance is needed to preserve desalination equipment at peak efficiency in the face of corrosive chlorides coursing through systems and in the presence of marine conditions frequently surrounding desalination plants. Stemming potential corrosion problems is important, both to minimize downtime with ready-to-use spares and to keep equipment operating safely.

As the brochure explains, high performance coatings, additives, and emitters offer a combination of contact and vapor inhibitors to protect even hard to reach surfaces with VpCI® Technology. In the case of Cortec’s Nano VpCI coatings, even micro-cavities can be protected from the micro-corrosion that is possible with traditional coatings, which leave gaps in their protective layers due to the large relative size of corrosion inhibiting particles.

For those desiring evaluation and application assistance, Cortec® Global Services offers innovative turnkey solutions for mitigating corrosion. Cortec® is able to transfer knowledge of best-in-class solutions from its experience providing zero defect, low-cost preservation across various industries. A list of available services is presented in the brochure.

A basic buyer’s guide at the end of the brochure describes specific products that can be used in the desalination industry. These range from emitters for electrical components, to concrete rebar protection, to industrial water treatments, and more. In a world looking for renewable resource solutions, the brochure also includes a listing of Cortec’s BioPreferred®* products made from renewable resources such as soybeans and coconut oil. These products meet USDA biobased content standards allowing them to bear the USDA Certified Biobased Product label. An assortment of rust removers, lubricants, coatings, “green” water treatment, concrete corrosion inhibitors, and compostable packaging options are available, many of which are both environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The full brochure can be viewed on the new VpCI® Technology For Desalination Industry website, where visitors can find an overview of Cortec’s innovative VpCI® and MCI® Technology for this particularly corrosion-prone industry.

To view the website, please visit:


With water shortages around the world, desalination has the potential to play an increasingly important role in sustaining growing populations with reliable fresh water supplies. Cortec’s environmentally friendly VpCI® and MCI® Technology are important tools to preserve desalination assets and keep that fresh water flowing.

To view the brochure in its entirety, please visit: http://cortecdesalination.com/brochure/


*BioPreferred® is a registered trademark of the USDA.

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