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Mouser expands selection of Bosch Consumer MEMS sensors through global distribution deal with Akustica

Published: 13 July 2015 - Marianne Evans

Mouser Electronics has announced that it has reached a global distribution agreement with Akustica, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bosch Group. Akustica is a supplier of silicon MEMS microphone products that improve voice input quality in a variety of consumer electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets, headsets, and small wearables devices. This agreement adds MEMS microphones to the growing lineup of inertial and environmental MEMS sensors that are already distributed through Mouser from Bosch Sensortec, another Bosch subsidiary.       

“Akustica’s high-performance MEMS microphones are an exciting addition to the Mouser Electronics global product portfolio," remarked Kristin Schuetter, Mouser vice president, Supplier Management, Products. “Many designers of mobile devices utilize sound, motion, and environmental data to deliver enhanced functionality to their end users. Now they can fulfill all of their  sensor needs in one place — leveraging the innovation and expertise of Bosch, the top MEMS sensor supplier in the world, while also taking advantage of Mouser’s same-day shipping to speed time-to-market.”      

“Mouser’s proven track record of delivering the newest technologies throughout the global market is an ideal match with Akustica’s/Bosch’s goals of providing all of the sensors that our customers need as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Davin Yuknis, vice president of sales and marketing, Akustica. “With Mouser’s strong distribution, customer-focused service and high-speed delivery system, Mouser is uniquely suited to help us reach our customers.”      

The Akustica product line, now available at Mouser Electronics, includes the well-matched top-port AKU24x and bottom-port AKU44x families of HD voice digital PDM output microphones, consisting of a MEMS acoustic sensor, an integrated circuit (IC) with a pre-amplifier, analog-to-digital converter, and supporting circuitry — all in a small 4.0 x 3.0 x 1.0 mm package. Other available Akustica HD voice microphones include the AKU142 and AKU342 series of matched top- and bottom-port analog-output microphones, designed to meet demanding customer requirements with excellent acoustic performance of 63dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and tight sensitivity matching of just +/-2dB between microphones.       


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