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New generation ultra-stable Koheras BOOSTIK lasers combine low noise and high power

Published: 10 October 2016 - Sarah Mead

NKT Photonics today announced the World- wide release of the new generation of its Koheras BOOSTIK lasers - a maintenance- free single-frequency fiber laser system with a unique combination of narrow linewidth, pristine beam quality, and high output power.

The new generation BOOSTIK lasers provides several new features and improvements such as a significantly higher free-running wavelength stability and larger tuning range. Moreover, the new BOOSTIK comes with internal fast wavelength modulation capabilities, and a build-in wave-function generator, which are both controlled through a user-friendly GUI. This eliminates the need for a costly external piezo driver and ensures lowest possible noise.

The system is available at any wavelength in the ranges 1,050-1,090nm and 1,540-1,570nm with up to 15W of output power and is controlled through a user-friendly interface.

New features and improvements

• 10X better wavelength stability against environmental temperature changes (0.1 pm/K)

• 2.5X larger fast wavelength tuning range

• Built-in internal fast wavelength modulation with no need for external piezo driver

• Internal function generator

• Slim 1U seed laser

In addition, the new generation BOOSTIK lasers comes with all the great features that have made the Koheras brand so popular in labs around the World:

• Available at any wavelength in the 1050-1090 nm and 1540-1570 nm range

• High output power up to 15 W

• Shot-noise limited performance with Hz range linewidth and low phase noise

• Burst noise and mode hop free

• Available with kHz frequency modulation

• Excellent beam quality ideal for frequency conversion

Typical applications

The Koheras BOOSTIK lasers are widely used in the scientific community for high precision metrology where ultra-stable and low noise laser operation is critical. Among the most important applications are:

• Optical length and frequency standards

• Quantum optics / computing & phenomena such as optical trapping, optical lattice, Bose-Einstein

condensate (BEC), atom interferometers, and squeezing

• Nonlinear optics pump source (SHG, DFG, OPO)

• Laser-based metrology (precision laser interferometry and spectroscopy)

• Optical heterodyning and coherent communication

• Coherent beam combining

The new generation BOOSTIK lasers are available now. For more information please visit or contact Koheras product line manager Søren Løvgreen at +45 4348 3900.

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