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Worlds first remote connection to a Peristaltic Pump

27 May 2020

Cole-Parmer provides the widest range of connectivity technology for peristaltic pumps in the world. The Masterflex® connected suite is a comprehensive range of peristaltic pumps, including a stand-alone range for simple fluid transfer, a wired range for industrial settings, a wireless range for transmitting data over short distances and the Cloud-enabled MasterflexLive™ peristaltic pumps, providing 24/7 remote access, ideal for cleanrooms, glove boxes and isolation chambers. 

The traditional, stand-alone pumps are designed for simpler applications, where control over speed / flow rate, flow direction, and start / stop are the primary goals. They are controlled through a simple user interface, rather than an external device. 

Moving through the suite, the facilitation of dispensing functions can be realised with a computer-compatible digital drive. These precision drives feature a programmable dispense interval that lets you set the delay between dispense cycles for convenient automated dispensing. They can also be calibrated to ensure dispense and display accuracy. 

There are applications, however, that demand a greater level of connectivity and control, either due to site protocol, government regulations, or simply to streamline site-wide equipment operation.  Drives with advanced networking capabilities that are equipped to support either Profibus® or EtherNet/IP® communication protocols are ideal in this situation. These pumps are easily integrated into a site-wide process workflow and can be remotely located on-site whilst being controlled from a central location. As an added benefit, these drives are also equipped with on-board Bluetooth® capabilities, supporting remote and wireless operation of critical drive functions – useful when the drive is in an environment where quick and easy access is not possible, such as clean-rooms, glove boxes, isolation chambers, etc.

At the top end of connectivity are drives that are equipped with, proprietary connectivity protocol, MasterflexLive, the only Cloud-based platform on the market that works with peristaltic pumps.  With this technology operators can have full visibility and control over select Masterflex L/S® and Masterflex I/P® peristaltic pumps via a PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS™ or Android™). What’s more, authorised pump operators can fully and securely control MasterflexLive-equipped pumps from anywhere with a data connection.  Push notifications are also supported, allowing authorised users to be alerted to changes in pump operation or to instances where a sensor has been triggered.  In situations where compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11 is required, MasterflexLive features a paid, Premium level of service, which supports digital record keeping; secure Cloud data storage; and time-stamped, filterable, and exportable pump operational data. MasterflexLive-enabled pumps are ideal for process and research facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial plants, food and beverage industries, chemical and mining industries, and anyone who wants to adopt the latest technology that enables greater flexibility, enhanced accuracy and maximum efficiency.

Altogether, the “Connected Suite” of Masterflex pumps from Cole-Parmer gives users the opportunity to easily and reliably integrate their chosen pump into their existing workflows and applications, knowing that – regardless of what communication or connection protocol is being implemented – there is likely a cost-effective, excellent solution available.



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