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Is your manufacturing firm unknowingly eligible for thousands of pounds?

Barrie Dowsett, CEO of Myriad Associates, explains how manufacturing companies can benefit from R&D Tax Credit claims.


Holmach upgrades soup cooling facility with NIKO cooler

Leading thermal process solutions provider, Holmach Ltd has installed a NIKO raining water tunnel cooler for hot-filled product in their customers soup manufacturing facility. Holmach’s partner, NIKO of Germany has been a market leader in producing pasteurising and cooling tunnels for nearly 50 years. When this long standing customer needed to promptly merge sites and rapidly increase production volume, Holmach and NIKO were the obvious choice. 
Food processing & packaging

One design fits all

Introducing the new CSA and CSI Pump Ranges from HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps

Pumps, valves & seals

Will automation rule over human interaction thanks to Coronavirus?

Thanks to advancements in technology, the need for human interaction — when you shop for groceries, book a taxi, order a takeaway or watch the latest blockbuster — has gone from necessity to nice-to-have, with self-service checkouts, apps to order cabs and kebabs, and streaming services all examples of automation that have everyday use.  

Keep your staff and production lines healthy

Manufacturers and FMCG businesses are being urged to give their laser production lines a health-check to minimise the risk of a process contamination leading to costly unplanned downtime. 

Intoware launches custom reporting 'tool' for industrial maintenance

Intoware, the workflow specialist, has launched a powerful custom reporting ‘tool’ for its workflow platform, WorkfloPlus that allows unique data reports to be created and shared to help streamline plant maintenance, safety and compliance.  

How the manufacturing industry is futureproofing against pandemics

Tim Parkinson, Airedale Springs’ Chairman, believes that something has to change now, so that manufacturers can prevent a similar situation from happening again. 

Hellberg Safety – Advanced Personal Protective Equipment.

Specialist PPE for highly advanced hearing protection, face protection and communication solutions. 

Hazardous area & safety

Fulton restart package offers peace of mind

As a leading heat transfer specialist, Fulton is all too aware of the effect that COVID-19 has had on its customers and the wider industry and appreciates that many steam boilers have been shut down during this period. So, when operations are ready to resume, businesses need to make sure its boilers and steam systems are ready too and meet the Health & Safety* requirements and operational demands required of its processes. 
Heat transfer

How Siemens apprentices and young engineers used talent and digital tools to make history

Young engineers at Siemens have become part of manufacturing history after playing a major role in the record-breaking ventilator challenge. 

If you can’t beat it, control it. Cutting leaks in a water stressed world.

The inherent limitations of achieving the Economic Level of Leakage means that leakage can never be totally eradicated. But it can be controlled. This article explains how and why water companies need to do more to manage leakage. 
Water & Waste Treatment

Constant force – constant load – constant performance from Lee Spring

Ex-stock constant force springs from Lee Spring offer a flat force curve over most of their extension range – it is this major “table-top mountain” shape of force curve which ensures their value for certain applications such as counterbalances, door closers, cable retractors, hose retrievers, tool head returns, cabinet & furniture components, gym equipment, hair dryers, toys, electric motors, appliances, space vehicles, and other long-motion functions. 

High performance spring failure

Within all industries, certain components are known for their precise manufacture and exceptional performance. Within the spring industry, valve springs are considered some of the top performers. These springs are typically manufactured from material with the tightest tolerances, highest strength and with minimal inclusions (super clean) 

High Pressure – small package – Lee Spring has the solution in stock

Lee Spring are aware that certain mechanisms call for a big power to diameter ratio - small devices requiring firm, but not rigid, slender springs, such as in switches, ball plungers, safety relief valves, quick change tools and vice clamps. 

Staubli HE robots are the recipe for success In CME’s food processing system

Despite the ultra-high hygiene standards in place within high-care food processing areas, recent large scale outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus within meat processing facilities has shone a spotlight on the need to protect operators through the introduction of increased levels of automation.  

Mitsubishi Electric introduces range of high performance delta robots

Mitsubishi Electric has extended its MELFA articulated arm and SCARA robot offering to include a range of delta robots. These combine Mitsubishi Electric’s award-winning servo technology with the latest mechanicals from e-F@ctory Alliance partner Codian Robotics. 

Spiroflow responds to snack food increase

Fuelled by changes in consumer eating habits, the snack food category has seen an uplift of 40% during the pandemic, resulting in an increase in processing equipment orders from Spiroflow - the Clitheroe-based manufacturer of dry ingredients conveying and bulk bag handling equipment.  
Mixing, weighing & conveying

LOMA's bulk product detection provides reassurance to food manufacturers

As the UK food industry collectively adapts to new working policies and procedures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Check & Detect’ specialists, LOMA SYSTEMS, has been busy providing technical support to manufacturers and supplying innovative, best-in-class inspection solutions to minimise the threat of product contamination and interruptions to production processes 
Food processing & packaging

METALL Round Table focuses on 'Survive, Revive and Thrive'

Four out of every five manufacturers across Sussex are experiencing problems implementing social distancing measures as they begin to ramp up production, according to a survey conducted by METALL, the regional forum for manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses. 

HBM launches a hygienic single-point load cell

HBM has launched its new hygienic single-point load cell - PW37P.

Mixing, weighing & conveying

New mixing system defeats biogas digester crust at pig producer

A thick floating layer of crust that was hampering the biogas operation of a forward-thinking Danish pig producer has been defeated by Landia’s GasMix digester mixing system. 
Mixing, weighing & conveying

Oil & gas producers can achieve wellhead connectivity with XIO

ABB’s new I/O solution will enable agile and immediate expansion of brownfield sites and pave the way for greater digital connectivity in greenfield operations.

Process Automation & Control

4Automation secures first contract at APAC

Due to enter the warehouse automation market in early August, 4Automation, has already secured its first project. The enterprise, established by a consortium of automation specialists, will be upgrading and extending a picking operation at the Leicester-based distribution centre of APAC - a leading UK importer and distributor of floristry, wedding, party and horticultural products. 
Process Automation & Control

Big Bang launches a STEM and COVID digital event

The Big Bang Digital 2020 – science, engineering & Covid-19 is a celebration of the work of scientists and engineers in a pandemic. 

ABB makes manufacturing more sustainable by recycling robots

Over the last 25 years, thousands of robots have been refurbished and upgraded by ABB’s remanufactured robot teams, to give them a second life. 

RS Components joins forces with VEX Robotics to set summer STEM challenge

RS Components has paired up with educational robotics systems provider VEX Robotics to launch its latest STEM initiative for 8- to 16-year olds.


Following the 'rule book'

Many instruments and devices need to be calibrated, tested or sampled, and users must have confidence in the performance of their instruments to ensure expected results are realised. 

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