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COMMENT: UiPath's Bruno Ferreira on the Office of National Statistics (ONS) claim that 1.5 million people are at risk of losing their jobs to automation

Published: 26 March 2019 - Sarah Mead

In response to the claim from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that 1.5 million people are at risk of losing their jobs to automation, please find a comment from Bruno Ferreira, managing director UK & Ireland, at robotic process automation specialist (RPA), UiPath. 

Bruno says that the adoption of robotics will create more jobs than it will destroy, and can even improve staff happiness and motivation by completing the more mundane and admin-focused tasks in place of humans.
Bruno Ferreira, Managing Director UK & Ireland at UiPath, said: “On the surface these statistics may seem alarming, but far from destroying jobs, our latest research has found that robotic process automation (RPA) can help to transform jobs and keep employees happy and engaged by releasing them from mundane and admin-related tasks. This is a point that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) makes - routine and repetitive tasks can be carried out by robots - freeing up human workers for higher-value and more creative tasks. Research we conducted recently with Forrester shows businesses have observed multiple benefits of RPA – including better employee engagement (57 percent).
“It is inevitable that AI – and other new technologies – will become widespread in our society. There is barely a company in the world that doesn’t rely on modern technology to some degree today – many innovations have created jobs that didn’t exist 30 years ago. RPA is primed to have the same impact and will create jobs, as well as bringing positive effects on society by allowing businesses to free staff members to focus on more valuable, gratifying work.

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