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Flotronic ‘H’ Series pumps designed to meet exacting standards

Flotronic Pumps’ original 10” ‘H’ Series pump was designed to meet the exacting hygiene standards of 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc (3-A SSI) and to be used in processes where hygiene is a priority. ... 

See when casks are running empty

Summer festival season, and for many, time for nothing better than a pint of real ale to quench the thirst. But when demand is high it’s especially important for the busy bartender to know when the ... 

Online flowmeter selection tool helps take the uncertainty out of flow measurement

ABB has developed an online flowmeter selection tool to help users to quickly and easily find the right device for their application. Available at, the tool provides a ... 

Versatile high performance ultrasonic flowmeter

Titan Enterprises announces the availability of a new version of its Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter designed to deliver precise flow measurement of fluid flows from -10 to +110 degrees centigrade.


Entry level flow indicator

The Pulsite Solo from Titan Enterprises is a low cost, battery powered rate and total flow indicator.

These panel or surface mounting digital instruments, that require no external power when used ... 

Hydraulic motor test rig tests torque, flow, speed and pressure

Sterile valves are key for hygienic applications

Hydrotechnik UK has expanded on its test rig design and build service, having recently installed their latest test rig – a custom designed and built hydraulic test rig specified to test the ... 
Sterile valves with a pinching sleeve inside the body by AKO are proving to be the most preferred valve type on the market for applications of an aseptic nature.

The food grade FDA Approved ... 

Low maintenance valves are integral for successful working plants

Every engineer or valve user on site prefers the least amount of maintenance for all parts of machinery as possible, to have a successful running environment. Low maintenance valves play a huge key ... 

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