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Flying the flag for women in engineering ahead of International Women’s Day

Published: 5 March 2019 - Sarah Mead

Manufacturing and engineering company bucks the trend as it continues to attract women into the UK engineering space.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Friday March 8th, a West Sussex-based Plastic Injection Moulding and Engineering company is bucking the national trend by attracting a significant number of women into the engineering industry. With recent statistics revealing that women make up less than one in eight of the engineering workforce the management at Nordell believes that it is imperative that more young women are inspired to consider skills within the engineering and manufacturing space.

The current ratio of women to men at Nordell is at an all-time high of 28% female workers ranging from Operators to Senior Management. The team all act in various areas of the business from Administration to Quality, Production manufacturing, and logistics.

“In order to close the gender gap of those working in our industry, this means encouraging them from school and college ages,” comments Paul Mason, Nordell Managing Director. At Nordell, females from across Europe working within the business at various levels, including environmental engineers and some staff continuing to study economic degrees. This ensures that those who wish to better their careers are given the opportunity to do so within Nordell.

In recent years, Nordell has made a huge push to new managers and team leaders, a move which has also raised the number of women in leadership roles who are responsible for managing and supervising the engineering and manufacturing operations of plastic parts.

Paul Mason continues: “We have seen a significant improvement in productivity and aptitude of the staff since the increase to a more gender balanced workforce. We have joined forces with Sigta, which offers apprenticeships in mechanical engineering, welding/fabrication/sheet metal, electrical/electronics, and more, and we are excited about welcoming both male and female candidates for future apprenticeship opportunities. Nordell’s modern approach and forward thinking means the diversity of applicants for all positions within our business is solely based on the skill level.

“What Nordell may be considered to be doing differently is actually nothing different at all - having an open mind in an industry which has been predominantly a male environment just means that we are able to ensure the right person is in the right seat within our business which is supported only by their desire for the position, their understanding of what is required of them, and their capacity to succeed given the right support and environment.”

The female team at Nordell is:

Emma Penn – Business Systems Manager

Neda Pociute –Manufacturing Manager

Virginija Mitokaite – Finished Goods Manager

Jana Shkrelaj – Quality Administration Supervisor

Diana Iftimie – Quality Assurance Auditor

Madalina Plantos – Finishing Supervisor

Yuliya Shukerova – Production Supervisor

Teresa Blackman – Customer Care Administrator

Nicola Cozens – Finance Assistant

Edita Mikucioniene – Line Supervisor  

Founded in 1968, Nordell celebrated its 50th year in business in 2018. The company employs 82 people and serves over 130 customers throughout the UK, Europe, Americas and Asia.

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