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NI, Tessolve and Johnstech Demonstrate mmWave 5G Package Test Solution Collaboration helps reduce risk and cost for production test of mmWave 5G ICs

Published: 10 June 2019 - Sarah Mead

NI, the provider of a software-defined platform that helps accelerate the development and performance of automated test and automated measurement systems, has announced and demonstrated a quad-site mmWave 5G packaged test solution developed in collaboration with Tessolve and Johnstech.

Addressing the technical challenges associated with 5G mmWave package part test, this solution helps reduce the cost and risk of delaying time to market for semiconductor manufacturers that produce mmWave 5G ICs. NI, Tessolve and Johnstech collaborated to demonstrate a quad-site mmWave 5G IC packaged part test solution that includes a mmWave interface board designed and manufactured by Tessolve and mmWave contactors designed by Johnstech and rated up to 100 GHz.

“Tessolve understands the importance of 5G technology and is actively investing to support the test efforts of our leading customers,” said Raja Manickam, CEO of Tessolve. “We are working closely with NI and their new mmWave instrumentation to help our customers get their mmWave products to market quickly.”

A key element of the solution is the NI Semiconductor Test System (STS). Part of the demonstration included a multisite mmWave test STS configuration optimised for 5G power amplifiers, beamformers and transceivers. A major benefit displayed was the modularity that allows reuse of software and baseband/IF instrumentation with modular mmWave radio heads to address current and future mmWave frequency bands of interest. 

The solution features:  

·         An STS for quad-site mmWave 5G test 

  • A mmWave-ready test interface board designed and manufactured by Tessolve

  • Tessolve holistic silicon design and test process expertise to help maximise product yield

  • Johnstech mmWave contactors for final test of packaged parts

  • A Johnstech impedance-controlled socket featuring IQtouch Micro contactors to help ensure repeatable test measurements

“We already see the rapidly growing 5G mmWave opportunity and have been involved in multiple projects for mmWave test with the highest quality contactor technology,” said David Johnson, CEO of Johnstech. “With NI, we see more opportunity in this area, especially in manufacturing test where they provide excellent mmWave measurements with ATE test speed.”

Semiconductor manufacturers interested in the solution are encouraged to speak with their sales representatives for the companies involved or email for more information. You also can find STS information at


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