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PanelPilot: Revolutionary custom display panels programmed by you – code free!

Published: 25 January 2019 - Sarah Mead

FilesThruTheair has launched its new PanelPilot range of control panel displays that you, the user, can customise and even program yourself to suit your application. With a variety of input, output, hardware and software options, the PanelPilot range offers the ultimate flexibility as you program what you want to show and control when slotting the panel into your application.

The three product lines range from low-cost voltmeter displays, to customisable touch-screen panel meters, to fully programmable display panels with an array of input and output options offering ultimate flexibility. No coding abilities? No problem, as all three ranges come with free, user-friendly software to either customise your panel or fully design and emulate it yourself using the drag-and-drop Design Studio.

The wide variety of options means, whatever your application or display needs, PanelPilot offers ultimate flexibility across its three ranges…

PanelPilotACE – this fully programmable user interface is made for you, by you.

The PanelPilotACE is an advanced user interface and touch screen panel meter that is fully programmable by the user. Using the PanelPilotACE Design Studio, simply drag-and-drop the elements you want to display and control for multi-channel data logging, trend graphs and action buttons all on one device. From background images to analogue meters, touch screen navigation to complex logic statements, this software allows users to build multi-screen interfaces without needing to write a single line of code. Also available with a development kit which provides switches, dials, LEDs and screw terminal connections for all the input and output functionality of the PanelPilotACE.

PanelPilotM – display what you need, how you want to with this customisable panel meter.

The M-range is a customisable panel meter with dual analogue inputs and alarms all captured on a colour touch screen. Using the free PanelPilotM Software, you can choose from an ever-increasing number of configurations including bar-graph, trend graph, tank level and analogue style displays on which to present your data. You can then customise the colours, text, units and scaling of your panel. Available in 3 screen sizes and waterproof hardware options.

PanelPilotB – the low-cost, low-power voltmeter perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

The PanelPilotB is a low cost, ultra-low power, monochrome voltmeter display. Using the free PanelPilotB Configuration Software, choose from six different analogue and digital voltmeter apps and customise their label units, text, scaling, alarms and even add your own logo to the product power-up. The device is splash-proof (to IP54 rating) and sunlight readable.

PanelPilot in the Field

Our range of PanelPilot products can be applied to a wide variety of industries due to the flexibility of hardware options and software capabilities. Need the proof? These products are already integrated into several industrial applications from solar power to ship propulsion. To find out more, see our case studies for just some of the ways these products are being used in industries today.

Still Not Sure? Why Not Try Before You Buy?

Simply visit our website to download the PanelPilotACE, M or B software before purchasing any hardware to explore and emulate the different options and wide range of capabilities.


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