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SUEZ celebrates four decades in business with purified water cylinder exchange offer

Published: 8 October 2019 - Sarah Mead

To mark its 40th anniversary, SUEZ Water Purifications Systems Ltd (formerly Purite) is offering new customers huge discounts on the company’s Cylinder Exchange Service, for a limited time only.

Under the discounted offer, businesses that are new to using a purified water cylinder exchange service will receive a brand-new water cylinder, for the price of an exchange cylinder, amounting to massive savings of up to 75%. Businesses that switch over to SUEZ from another provider will also receive substantial discounts, with no upfront cost to purchase a new cylinder, a regenerated cylinder supplied for the first exchange and 25% discount on the first exchange order (up to 5 exchanges).

Steve Mines, Sales Director at SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd says, “We have invested in a highly efficient central cylinder processing facility, taking on almost all capital costs, so that our customers can obtain pure deionised water with minimal outlay. To make budgets stretch even further, and to celebrate four decades of business success, we’re giving industrial organisations in the UK an unmissable offer.”

Using the Cylinder Exchange Service, a company can purchase the cylinder it needs for its purified water needs. When this cylinder is exhausted, the company sends its purchase order or pre-paid voucher to SUEZ Water Purification Systems, which then organises the collection of the empty cylinder, regenerates it and returns it, all within seven working days.

SUEZ Water Purification Systems can supply cylinders with all the fittings necessary for easy connection to a mains or process water supply. All models have been designed for ease of use. The cylinder heads are easy to identify thanks to colour-coding and feature a highly efficient internal pipework for maximum capacity. They are also simple to connect, with a quick and easy release system plus an air bleed valve to purge the cylinders prior to use. Transit plugs ensure cylinder ports are kept clean and that there is no spillage during transport.

Customers using the Cylinder Exchange Service will benefit from the exceptional support services SUEZ Water Purification Systems has built its reputation upon over the last four decades. Steve Mines says, "Total lifetime support is a vital part of the services that we provide to all our customers, from small laboratories with benchtop units, to major healthcare or industrial organisations with multiple systems or complex high-volume water purification plants."

Cylinders are available to provide suitable water quality for a broad variety of processes. Two types are of deionising cylinder are available: a general deionising cylinder (DC) containing exchangeable regenerated resin and a nuclear-grade deionising cylinder (NC).

The DC is a single-pass deioniser filled with mixed-bed ion-exchange resin and is capable of removing up to 99% of dissolved mineral impurities from a mains or process water. This cylinder is ideal for surface finishing, the de-fluxing and cleaning of printed circuit boards (PCBs), ultrasonic cleaning, humidifier supply, laboratory glass rinsing, laboratory reagent make-up, boiler feed and printing solutions, or wherever water of up to 10 is required.

The NC, meanwhile, is a deioniser filled with single-use, pure resin and is able to provide ultra-pure water up to 18.2 It is principally used in semiconductor, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production. For maximum performance, NC cylinders are typically pre-fed with water that has already been pre-purified by reverse osmosis or passed through a DC deionising cylinder.

Two types of carbon media cylinders are also available. An AC – pre-treatment carbon cylinder reduces efficiently reduces contaminants such as collodial organics, metal oxides and free chroline in a single pass. These cylinders are typically used to pre-condition water prior to treatment by reverse osmosis. A CC – polishing carbon cylinder on the other hand is used to polish already purified water. This cylinder contains high purity granular activated carbon, selected specifically to reduce residual dissolved organics, TOC, (Total Organic Carbon) to very low levels. It is also effective at removing detergents / cleaning agents from rinse water applications.

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