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Bearing-less, large shaft mounted optical incremental encoder offers speed control solution for plant and machinery

For certain plant and machinery automation applications, where precision speed feedback control is required for large diameter drive shafts or where a large aperture through a rotating machine is ... more

Automatic Pin Installation technology solves surgical instrument assembly problems

Spirol Industries has developed technology to install miniature pins with a diameter less than 1.5mm automatically. This dispenses with manual installation that can be a tedious and time consuming ... more

At Total 2013 LINAK UK Ltd will be introducing their new range of electric linear actuators.

The IFLEX range of actuators from LINAK is more cost-effective compared to traditional actuator solutions. This is due to the simple fact that no additional cable installation and alignment is ... more

Accuracy of Carbolite ovens proves invaluable to testing at the James Walker Technology Centre

Carbolite ovens are making a real difference to work being conducted at the James Walker Technology Centre in Cockermouth, UK. The centre has been equipped with twelve 120-litre capacity, 300°C, peak ... more

X-Guard® Contour

X-Guard is a complete range of machine guards designed to comply with the Machinery Directives 2006/42/EC which placed new demands on permanent guards from 29 December 2009. With its wide range of ... more

New Products for Stainless Steel Finishing @ Southern Manufacturing 2013

Recognised as experts in the sanding, polishing and finishing of stainless steel, Abrasive Finishing Systems are particularly looking forward to demonstrating their new Cibo Time Saving Kits and the ... more

Permabond launches new composites bonding range

Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of its new range of composite bonding adhesives. The comprehensive range includes a variety of adhesive technologies which aim ... more

Storage Tank vent breathers protect sensitive fluids

Brownell has extended its range of storage tank vent breathers and adsorbers to prevent the contamination of valuable products from the harmful effects of moisture.Installation of these breathers has ... more


SCHURTER LTD is the UK and Ireland branch of the SCHURTER GROUP an internationally renowned manufacturer with 80 years experience. The SCHURTER GROUP employs 1700 people in 20 group companies and 11 ... more

DP Seals adds third dimension to prototyping rubber mouldings

DP Seals is a leading global supplier of high precision custom seals, gaskets and mouldings that play a key role in a huge variety of applications, such as Formula 1 racing cars, anaerobic digesters ... more

Burr and Stress Free Flat Springs for Safety Critical Applications

Precision Micro, Europe’s largest advanced chemical etching company, is reporting a significant upturn in demand for flat springs as a result of the increasing popularity of specialist Martensitic ... more

Small and Perfectly formed solutions from Weidmuller

Coming up with design solutions is always at the forefront of the mind at Weidmuller. Recognising the need for excellent, high quality products but compact and clever to suit the demands of ... more

Ogle Models & Prototypes Expands Stereolithography Capabilities With iPro 8000 Production 3D Printer

Ogle Models and Prototypes is delighted to confirm that it has taken delivery of a new 3D printer - an iPro 8000 Stereolithography system from 3D Systems. With this addition to its 3D printing and ... more

Bulgin Buccaneer® connectors at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2013

Visit Booth G59 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2013 to see the latest additions to the rugged Buccaneer® range of dust and waterproof power, signal and data connectors from Bulgin – an ... more

Making power distribution assemblies easy, quick and safe

6610 – Appliance outlet with IDC terminalsThe SCHURTER 6610 is the first of its kind appliance outlet using IDC terminal technology. This novel product allows significant reduction of labour costs by ... more

Penny + Giles potentiometer helps Xylem go with the flow

Penny + Giles has supplied its ICS100 linear potentiometers to provide positional feedback for Xylem Flow Control’s range of electro-hydraulic actuators, which provide a solution for the operation of ... more

PATLITE explosion-proof products

PATLITE presents a new series of signaling devices, which have been especially designed for rough environments and explosive atmospheres.Besides explosion-proof and maintenance-free LED signal towers ... more

Cut-price temperature controllers compete with the best

“The best value temperature controller on the market” is the claim for the TAIE FU range, available from CD Automation UK Ltd.With today’s pressure to cut costs it’s sometimes difficult not to ... more

Weidmüller’s OMNIMATE® PGK 4 feed-through terminal for tight spaces

Weidmüller has developed the new OMNIMATE® PGK 4 through-panel terminal with PUSH IN connection system, specifically for times when space for applications is limited, and flexible, space-saving ... more


Star Prototype has helped turn an innovative idea for a unisex travel razor into a commercial product for the discerning traveller by delivering the key elements of Cormia Design’s new Pocket Razor.... more

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