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by Christie Jones, Market Development Manager, Spirol International Corporation.Fasteners are usually the smallest, least expensive components within an assembly. Even though fasteners usually hold ... more

Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems Ltd provided a design solution to a white good manufacturer, replacing two part pieces from their original application by a single Gesipa rivet.

Blind Riveting as the name suggests is a fastening technique that is used to secure the applications where access to the joint is available from only one side. From automotive to white goods to ... more

EFD® Jet Dispensing System improves process control and reduces costs through exceptional fluid deposit repeatability at high production speeds.

With the ability to apply consistent shots as small as 2 nanoliters at speeds up to 150 dots per second, the PICO™ system is ideal for high-speed, high volume applications that require many small, ... more

ERIKS launch new Automation Services Division in the UK

ERIKS is to continue the expansion of its UK service by launching a new Automation Services Division. The division will channel ERIKS’ broad and deep engineering expertise into delivering real ... more

Stylish New Designs

Wall and Desk Top Enclosure SolutionsTouch screen control is increasingly in demand for a clean, modern environment. This beautifully styled enclosure provides a discreet solution to home or office ... more

Power Integrations Introduces 75 W Single-Stage Driver for LED Lighting

Combined PFC/CC converter chip raises efficiency of LED high-bay, parking-lot and street lamp drivers to over 92% SAN JOSE, CALIF. – August 15, 2012 – Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI), maker of the ... more

New SPECTRALUX® Light Engines from OMC enable effective LED lighting design

LED arrays simplify luminaire design; maximise potential of LED technology; reduce costOMC, the pioneer in LED lighting, backlighting and industrial fibre optic transmission, has introduced a range ... more

PMX measurement system honored with MessTec & Sensor Masters Award

The new measurement system is the ideal solution for numerous metrological tasks in the production environment. True to its motto "Fit to Function," the scalable system provides the user with ... more

LINAK TECHLINE provides electric linear actuator solutions designed for heavy-duty industrial work applications

We focus on reliable and precise movement designed to meet your needs and specifications even in the most extreme conditions.Whether you need an actuator solution to perform reliably in rough and ... more

New brochure positions Aerotech's rotary stages in one useful resource

As part of its wide range of advanced motion controls and micropositioning mechanics, Aerotech manufactures a large selection of rotary stages that provide the enabling angular positioning ... more

Starshapes sound prototype

Star Prototype has again demonstrated the scope and quality of its service by delivering tooling and prototypes for Norwegian communication specialist, Zenitel.The company, which has its headquarters ... more

Using Tabletop Dispensing Robots To Increase Output, Reduce Production Costs And Improve Your Competitive Edge

Tabletop dispensing robots are a cost-effective way to increase output, accuracy, and quality in manufacturing processes where assembly fluids like adhesives, lubricants, and silicones must be ... more

Mclennan installs high specification vacuum stepper motor systems at QinetiQ Electric Propulsion Test Facilities

As a leading European player in Electric Propulsion (EP) design and development, QinetiQ manufactures ion thrusters, which harness electrical energy to accelerate propellant to high velocity. Whilst ... more

High pressure micro solenoid valve for completion tools in oil wells

Miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS have developed a reduced diameter solenoid valve which will help oil tool designers meet the challenges of incorporating all the required components into ... more

Opening up the possibilities of enclosures

Enclosures are an important part of network infrastructure, protecting a wide variety of electrical equipment. However, the materials and properties of enclosures can sometimes be misunderstood. In ... more

Latest compact charge amplifiers measure very wide force range

HBM has upgraded its CMA compact charge amplifier with five new measurement ranges enabling users to easily select the corresponding charge amplifier for every range. The measurement ranges now start ... more

OEM solutions with flow and level sensors

The ever-increasing capabilities of flow and level sensors offer strong potential for OEMs to take advantage of both off-the-shelf and custom built solutions, says Mike Powers, Product Marketing ... more

Cool solution puts essential finishing touch to new refrigeration range

Industrial nameplate and logo specialist, Diametric, has provided the essential finishing touch to Foster Refrigerator’s new range of EcoPro G2 cabinets.Design Solutions looks at the work that went ... more

Enhanced design with pressure transducers

The capabilities of today’s compact pressure transducers enable designers to improve the performance and engineering of machines across industry, says Mike Powers, Product Marketing Director for Gems ... more

Understanding enclosures

Enclosures play a critical role when it comes to protecting valuable equipment and safeguarding personnel. Choosing an enclosure is therefore just as important as selecting the electrical components.... more

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