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New challenges for protective enclosures

The structural material of field equipment enclosures is critical. While some trends can be satisfied with any of the usual materials – metal or GRP/glass fibre reinforced polyester are used commonly,... more

A datacentre energy management solution

Integrating Rittal’s RiZone with IBM’s Management and Measurement Tool (MMT), a comprehensive energy management solution is available for all parts of a datacentre that can monitor, actively regulate ... more

Investing in the future

In line with worldwide customer demands for high quality enclosures and accessories, Tempa Pano is in the process of building a new 21,000m2 enclosure manufacturing facility in Turkey to considerably ... more

Breaking the circuit

When designing a new high power DC uninterruptible power supply for use by the military in aggressive terrains, Advanced Technological Systems International selected high-performance circuit breakers ... more

Protecting systems in harsh environments

When designing an electronic system, one factor to consider is housing and protecting this system, especially if it is for use in harsh or difficult environments. As a result, there are a number of ... more

New approaches to interconnection

Flexible connector solutions are challenging traditional racking systems. Kevin Canham of HARTING explainsToday’s industrial devices and machines need to be extremely effective and powerful. Major ... more

Considering panel climate control

Despite the trend towards the miniaturisation of components and enclosures, and higher packing densities, climate control is not always addressed in a particularly rigorous way. Norman Carnt, ... more

Increasing protectionin the datacentre sector

The rapid growth in the datacentre market is adding to the physical and network security concerns and responsibilities of their operators. In response, Southco is developing technologically advanced ... more

Protecting portable equipment

There are a number of factors to take into account when specifying an enclosure for handheld or portable electronics equipment. To meet requirements, OKW and ROLEC offer a number of solutionsIf you ... more

Guarding safety requirements

The updated Machinery Safety Directive (2006/42/EC) introduced new requirements for machine guards, however some machine designers are failing to take these changes into account. Paul Laidler, ... more

Versatile and robust housings for

New from Schroff is the minipac family of handy extruded-aluminium cases, designed as a versatile and robust housing for either standardised or non-standard PCBs.There are two shapes available in the ... more

IP65 door enclosures available in eight sizes

Launched by Hylec-APL and manufactured by its DE Controls division, is a new series of patented door enclosures to complement its growing range of electrical housings. These have IP65 protection, ... more

Cabinet locks

When a marine contractor tasked with fitting out a Bahamas based ferry needed a complete fit of special cabinet locks for the personal storage areas within just two days, it turned to FDB Panel ... more

Wall mounted slimline enclosures

A slimline wall mounted enclosure has been introduced by Verotec. This houses electronic or electrical equipment mounted on 1U or 2U 19” panels, which fit vertically into the two separate 2.5U deep ... more

New cable trays and raceways

Cannon Technologies has launched T4 cable trays for vertical installation in its cabinets, racks and patching frames, plus T4 raceways for overhead cable management.The raceways are exactly matched ... more

IP55 rated DC and AC fans

Orion Fans now offers most of its DC fan series and the following AC fan series with an IP55 rating: OA109AP, OA180AP, OA225AN and OA280AN.The rating indicates protection from dust and jet spray from ... more

Ergonomic enclosure range

When developing its ‘BLOB’ series of enclosures, OKW set out to create a different style of housing that would employ touch and feel to impart the functionality of the electronics. The forms employed ... more

Modular cabinets

Available in over 90 frame sizes, ENUX Modular Cabinets from ETA Enclosures are available fully assembled or supplied as flat-pack for ease of handling.The enclosures are available with a single door,... more

Wide range of hinges to suit enclosures/cabinet design

A continuing problem for specialist enclosure designers is the correct specification and cost effective installation of suitable hinges, states EMKA. To help, the company has produced what it claims ... more

Wall-mount enclosures offer long-life protection

Designed to provide long-life protection for electronics or electrical equipment in potentially corrosive environments, Schroff’s new ULTRX range of fibreglass wall-mount enclosures are available in ... more

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