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New range of stainless steel wall-mount boxes launched

The new ECOR stainless steel range of Wall-mount boxes from ETA Enclosures are said to offer advanced styling, improved protection and exceptional finish. Although available from stock in grade 304L ... more

Flat-pack racks help automate the Barcelona Metro

To help ease the burden of transport from its roads, Barcelona relies heavily on its underground rail network, the Metro. However, the city has a population of 4.5 million and around the same number ... more

Calculate your enclosure climate control requirements

An updated version of Rittal’s RiTherm software allows climate control requirements to be quickly and easily calculated. RiTherm 6.2 includes generic component heat loss data and a heat loss ... more

Protecting lighting circuits below decks

Meeting military spec demands and the tough conditions faced at sea, polycarbonate enclosures from Spelsberg have been selected to protect the electrical connections on two new aircraft carriers – ... more

Keeping cool

Field-based process analysers are becoming smaller and more cost effective. However, cooling their environmental protection shelters can be problematic. Martin Hess of Intertec makes the case for ... more

Aluminium enclosures available from stock

The CS basic range of aluminium enclosures from Rittal is now available from stock in a range of standard sizes with either single or double doors.Solidly constructed, these feature an open base ... more

Concealed security solution for enclosures

The parcel locker sector is experiencing rapid growth as more and more logistics service providers are choosing to offer the self-service market efficient automated pick up and drop off points. The ... more

Small ergonomic cases for handheld electronic devices

Six new smaller ‘XS’ models, with external dimensions of 82 x 56 x 24mm, have been added to OKW’s ERGO-CASE range.These consist of a top, base and intermediate ring (plain, or with one or two eyelets)... more

EMI/RFI shielded aluminium enclosures

The Deltron 480C and 483C aluminium enclosures from DEM Manufacturing now have combined IP67/IP68 ratings and EMI/RFI protection. This makes them suitable for the most demanding electrical and ... more

Enclosure range for accelerometers

Three new stainless steel enclosures – standard, compact and protective roof – have been introduced by Hansford Sensors for different industrial environments and process conditions where vibration ... more

Complete cabinet cooling solutions

ETA Enclosures has signed an agreement with cabinet cooling solutions provider Cosmotec, a brand of German manufacturer Stulz. As a result, a complete range of products – from small filter fans to ... more

Keep the chill off delicate electronics

The onset of cold weather can result in outdoor enlosures facing the problem of condensation. Rittal, however, is offering a range of heaters for its outdoor cabinets that can keep the chill off ... more

How enclosure accessories can make or break a design

Enclosures and cabinets can be found in countless environments across almost any industry. But while each unit has its own application, they all have one thing in common – they are responsible for ... more

Intelligent fans

New versions of Verotec’s intelligent and standard fan trays, that offer increased airflow and lower noise from the same fans, are now available.The intelligent versions have a higher maximum ... more

Wall mount enclosure range extended

New to TEKO’s TEKAL range are the TEKAL-E enclosures, which can be easily mounted to a wall, control panel, machine housing or bulkhead.These have special end panels with integrated mounting flanges ... more

Cabinets with 90 minute fire protection

Passive fire protection cabinets for process plant protection applications are usually only required to provide 30 minutes of protection. In the event of a hydrocarbon-based fire, however, Intertec’s ... more

A smart AC fan

The ADDA OSmart AC fan is said to be the first AC equipment fan that can vary its speed with changes in ambient temperature. Available in the UK from Aerco, it is said to save as much as 30% energy ... more

A clear view on safety

Opening enclosures/panels/cabinets to inspect energised electrical components can be both a lengthy and hazardous process. As a solution, IRISS manufactures infrared inspection (IR) windows which ... more

Datacentre protection

Despite datacentre’s being at risk from a number of threats – ranging from fire and water, to theft and illegal tampering – protection is sometimes left as an afterthought. Barry Maidment from Rittal looks into the risks and how to go about protecting the equipment within... more

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