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The future of wind renewable energy is now

Magnomatics, a world leader in magnetic gear development, is pleased to be able to contribute to the ongoing growth of cleaner renewable energy through their Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD) generator ... more

Mitsubishi Electric’s SafePlus option helps to turn hundreds of industrial robots into co-operative solutions

Collaborative and co-operative robotic solutions that work together with humans are on the rise, as they can support operators on the factory floor and enhance their output. Mitsubishi Electric has ... more
Design & prototyping

Standard and special bearings from NKE for demanding applications

NKE Austria presents standard and special bearings for demanding applications such as mechanical and electrical drive systems, pumps and compressors as well as agricultural machinery. Bearings are ... more
Mechanical components

Nexen ring drive for precision rotary motion control in measuring system

Compact ring drive systems from Nexen are used in industrial rotary applications where high positional accuracy and dynamic performance are required. The custom rotary indexer CRD350 was developed ... more

Ruland Manufacturing to distribute standard line of Belden Universal joints

Ruland Manufacturing and Belden Universal have agreed to further cooperation by offering universal joints from Belden through Ruland’s eCommerce platform. Ruland will stock and make to order a wide ... more

SICK conquers new frontiers with ‘World’s smallest Safety Laser Scanner’

igus invests £4M in pioneering plastic recycling firm

SICK has launched what it claims is the world’s smallest safety laser scanner, the nanoScan3, designed for easy and economical integration into the smallest of machine designs, particularly for ... more
To support the circular economy of plastics, igus has invested £4 million in Mura Technology that wants to put the first commercial Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR) plant into operation. The ... more

Sensor Integration Machines boost SICK’s ‘Edge’ processing power

SICK has extended its Sensor Integration Machine (SIM) family with the launch of two high-performance, one-box, processing hubs that fuse decentralised, multi-sensor co-operation with field-to-cloud ... more

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