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PINET small aluminium spring-loaded latch from FDB Panel Fittings

The new PINET 30mm barrel bolts from FDB Panel Fittings are a neat way of providing light duty spring latching to doors and drawers. They are quickly fitted to latch into a locating hole in the ... more

Introducing the world’s first hybrid bearing life model

SKF has unveiled a pioneering model that it claims, for the first time, enables the working life of hybrid bearings to be determined more realistically. Called the Generalized Bearing Life Model (... more

Slim safety brake launched

New from ABSSAC, the BXR-LE type super slim safety brake is half the thickness, but with the same outer diameter, as its big brother, the BXW series. This features holding and braking torque just ... more

Free online tool to design and predict service life of wear-resistant 3D-printed gears

How long will my 3D-printed my gear last? To answer this question, igus has developed the online gear service life calculator for its 3D-printed gears made of the SLS high-performance plastic, ... more

Friction clutch meets dredging vessel demands

Performance and reliability are essential to dredging operations, yet few applications have the challenges that are faced by the pump drivetrain on a dredging vessel, including massive power ... more

Are bearings really such a bad investment?

Bearing technology for bridge builders

Explosive growth in the offshore wind sector and aggressive renewables targets in India are expected to drive a ten-year CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12.2% in Asia Pacific. Here, Chris ... more
Bridges are sensitive structures. They become stressed by enormous forces, must withstand heat and freezing cold temperatures, and can also be exposed to storms and earthquakes. Often, hidden behind ... more

SEAT Componentes produces new 6-speed gearbox for group brands

SEAT Componentes, together with Martorell and Barcelona, one of the three production centres for the Spanish brand and simultaneously part of the production portfolio for Group Components, has ... more

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