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New high-performance oscilloscopes introduced by Rigol

Published: 8 August 2019 - Rachael Morling

With the introduction of the new MSO8000 high-performance digital oscilloscope family in the spring of this year, Rigol announced a significant addition to its UltraVision II oscilloscope portfolio including their self-designed chipset. RIGOL Technologies EU GmbH now announces that the MSO8000 series are now fully available.

With bandwidths from 600 MHz, 1 GHz and 2 GHz (BW usable for 2 channel) and a maximum sampling rate of 10 GS/s, the MSO8000 series is ideally suited for high speed and instantaneous signal acquisition and analysis. Typical applications include automated testing in factories, serial bus protocol analysis in automotive electronics, electronic circuit measurement, switching power measurement and analysis in the power field and many more.

All devices feature a very large 10.1 inch capacitive color touch screen with 256 intensity levels and color grade for precise and clear signal presentation. For recording and processing of measuring large amounts of data, a memory depth of up to 500 million points is available, and with a waveform capture rate of up to 600,000 wfms/sec, the user can capture, display  and evaluate fast signal sequences  with up to 450,000 frames.

The MSO version of these high-end oscilloscopes has also been extended with additional professional functions. The instruments feature a new integrated measurement method with real-time eye diagram and jitter analysis software, highlighting the jitter trend for digital analysis.

Versatile Trigger-, Math- and Displaying features (enhanced FFT @ 1 Mio points, Mask Test and Power Analysis) and integrated signal search function are available. All Serial Bus protocol analysis (Decode/Trigger- Options), Build-in Voltmeter, Counter, totalizer, protocol analyzer and an 2 channel Arbitrary Function generator completes the integration of 7 in 1 instruments. Various interfaces such as USB Host, USB Device, HDMI, LAN, USB-GPIB (adapter), and AUX OUT are available.

As a special feature Rigol offers all enhancements, such as higher bandwidths, MSO-Ready with 16 digital channels, memory expansion, serial decoding, and the 2-channel Arb waveform generator functions via software upgrade. The risk of a bad purchase is therefore minimized, because customers can start with a simpler equipment and adapt it later to the advanced or more demanding measurement requirements in the laboratory. In addition, the well-known 3-year Rigol guarantee makes it easier for every user to make a risk-free switch from another provider.



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