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Spelsberg fit and forget thermostat keeps frost and snow at bay

Published: 2 December 2016 - Sarah Mead

Winter. It means different things to different people. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Skiing silently through snow-clad wilderness. Mulled wine and family gatherings. Burst pipes and ensuing chaos!

Unfortunately the last scenario is all too real, and in a process plant it is about as welcome as a pair of socks for Christmas. Fortunately steps can be taken to minimise its likelihood.    Spelsberg UK has made sure to build up stocks of its seasonally popular HT range of thermostats for Industrial Process applications, well ahead of anybody's winter woes. Available to cover a number of different temperature ranges, the HT thermostats offer preventive protection against frost damage and frozen pipework.

Supplied ready to go, the HT system comprises a robust and reliable mechanical thermostat, safely fitted into a robust enclosure. Spelsberg is one of the worlds leading developers, makers and suppliers of electrical enclosures and uses its well-proven TK model for this thermostat protection role.

TK enclosures are one of Spelsberg's most popular ranges. Made of strong, stable polycarbonate (with a new aluminium alternative option now also available), they are IP66 rated. This means they can stand up to extremes of temperature, dust, dirt and humidity, and cope with strong water blasts and sharp impacts. Thus winter temperatures, lashing rain, cold winds and snow are going to meet their match.

Design details such as a clamping cable gland and an integral polyurethane cover gasket seal the interior of the TK from whatever Ran, the Norse God of Weather, can throw at it.

Upon receipt, all users need to do is connect the HT thermostat to the trace heating system to create an intelligent and effective frost protection system.

Chris Lloyd, Managing Director of Spelsberg UK, says: "The secret of the Spelsberg HT thermostat range is its simplicity, which makes selection and specification easy while also ensuring resilience in operation.

"Every winter scores of the UK's industrial facilities suffer from damaged pipes brought on by the cold weather. Loss of production and repair costs can be considerable, which make an HT system and a bit of forethought look like a very good investment."

“Space for you”

Spelsberg’s company philosophy is based around the idea of providing flexibility and freedom to its customers. The space provided within each junction box; the large distribution and warehousing space; and the freedom to customise almost any product, irrespective of quantity, all equates to “Space for you”.

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