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Pick your own handle for index plungers

Buyers of WDS Components Parts' index plungers can now specify the size and type of handle to be fitted, thus customising each plunger for its particular application. Index plungers are used in ... more

Schneider Electric reengineers Ringmaster RN2d for a decentralised energy future

Schneider Electric has redeveloped its Ringmaster RN2d ring main unit (RMU) to be more customisable and to bring enhanced digitisation and connectivity to the distributed electrical network. The ... more

Compact electronic slide bolt offers door and latch status monitoring

Southco has expanded its line of electronic access control solutions with a compact electronic slide bolt that simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electromechanical latching. The new EM-05 4 ... more

Secure cloud based SCADA solution

By transferring its multi-faceted MAPS SCADA / HMI solution to a secure cloud-based app, Mitsubishi Electric is offering potentially the best of both worlds: an advanced solution that is flexible and ... more

New oscilloscopes offer key advantages for consumer, automotive, and military/aerospace applications

Tektronix has announced the expansion of its scalable DPO70000SX Series Performance Oscilloscope to include new 13GHz and 16GHz models. These allow engineers to take advantage of the high sample rate ... more

Introducing an energy chain for unsupported and long travels

Reusable industrial wipes from MEWA now available online

New from igus, the E4Q energy chain has been designed for unsupported and long travels. The chain links of the e-chain have a pebble-shaped design for weight reduction and a completely new crossbar ... more
The world’s leading reusable industrial wipes are now available online at in the company’s first e-commerce store.

MEWA, the global leader in textile management, has launched a ... more

Curved metal fabrications a benefit for towed agricultural equipment

Towed agricultural equipment has a hard-working life. Shocks and loads are typical mechanical stresses associated with all aspects of farming, from ploughing to harvesting. Trailers, rollers, ploughs,... more

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