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Delta powers Bytesnet’s new green data centre

Delta has announced that its DPH 500kVA modular uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and InfraSuite Manager data centre information management (DCIM) system are now in operation at Bytesnet’s new d’... more

Eliminate data centre power shutdowns and ensure maximum availability

Continuous power monitoring systems from Bender UK are designed to monitor and provide early warning of developing earth faults, removing the possibility of unnecessary power interruption and ... more

Power Continuity Data Centre all under one umbrella

How deep is your love? Data centres have a sell by date by which is when ‘upgrades’ need to take place. Love it or loath it, the infrastructure of a data centre does require replacement with new ... more

The effects of digital transformation on data centres

Data centres are no longer just simple storage facilities of bytes and bits. They’ve been completely transformed over the past two decades, making them more suitable for the demands of the modern-day ... more

Stratus Unveils Edge Computing Strategy

With more than 90 percent of industrial companies wanting a simplified edge infrastructure that can be remotely managed, Stratus Technologies, a global leader in continuous availability solutions for ... more

Vertiv anticipates advent of Gen 4 Data Centre in look ahead to 2018 Trends

The next-generation data centre will exist beyond walls, seamlessly integrating core facilities with a more intelligent, mission-critical edge of network. These Gen 4 data centres are emerging and ... more

Applying ‘sticky plasters’ to your legacy data centre

DCD>Zettastructure to explore the future of enterprise IT as organisations grapple with aging infrastructure amidst the explosion of digital services on 7-8 November at the Old Billingsgate in ... more

Five critical signs for data centre operations

As the demand to do more with less continues, data centres are under increasing pressure to deliver new levels of efficiency, while reducing operating expenses. Here Cindy Monstream at Legrand talks ... more

Infomart Dallas announces newly commissioned private data center suite

New Private Suite Provides Over 4,600 Sq. Ft. of Colocation Space and Instant Carrier Accessibility With $0 Monthly Cross-Connect Fees via the Building Meet-Me Room

Infomart Data Centers, a ... more

Advent of 5G must coincide with an even stronger focus on sustainability to avoid escalation in ICT carbon footprint

Whilst 5G is set to bring a range of benefits to business consumers, it will also increase the capacity to create and transfer more data than ever, and without a more significant move to sustainable ... more

Dutch startup solution impacts data centres

Asperitas, cleantech startup from the Amsterdam area, one of the world’s datacentre hotspots, is introducing a unique solution based on a total liquid cooling concept called Immersed Computing.

... more

Data Centre World global series returns to London’s ExCeL, delivering world’s largest international line-up of industry-leading suppliers and speakers

Data Centre World 2017 will branch out from the London technology stack Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud Security Expo, Smart IoT London and launch event Big Data World. Data Centre World, for the first time,... more

IT leaders must align resource efficiency metrics with business objectives or face failure, says The Green Grid

Many IT leaders are either using too narrow a range of metrics, or have not deployed the necessary tools to get the required detail of measurement needed to effectively align data centre efficiency more

Reduce data centre asset liabilities with HARTING’s Ha-VIS RFID LOCFIELD antenna

With regular headlines about the latest cybercrime attack stealing important or commercially sensitive data, the physical security of IT equipment is often overlooked. One area in particular is the ... more

Dataracks launches new fire safety solutions at DT Manchester

Dataracks – the pioneer of cold aisle containment – is showcasing the latest fire detection and suppression solutions at DataCentre Transformation Manchester on the 12th July more

Leading the Way in Data Centre Revolution

The conference brought together industry experts, end users, business partners and integrators from all over Europe to share their insights on the opportunities and challenges in the new ICT era


Dual approach takes the strain out of data centre design

Increasingly, it is becoming apparent that the remit of responsibility for data centre design is gradually migrating to fall within both the IT department and Facilities Management. No longer, is it ... more

HeatLoad increases rental stock to 8.6MW of rack mounted load banks

HeatLoad has increased its rental stock of 3.5kW rack mounted load banks to over 600 units. The company now has 8.6MW of rack mounted load banks and 8MW of floor standing load banks, which they believe is its largest stock holding in the UK.  more

Joining forces for data centre testing

Mafi Mushkila, a provider of data centre services, has announced that it has entered into a formal strategic partnership with load bank testing, generator and UPS rental equipment provider, Optimum ... more

The answer to capacity challenges

Cannon Technologies has announced the introduction of a data centre leasing service that is designed to offer organisations a solution to all medium term capacity challenges. This new service offers ... more

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