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Energy Efficiency

Risk reduction

Hager’s Chris Howells takes a look at what factors to consider when conducting a risk assessment for surge protection - now a requirement of Amendment 1 of the 17th EditionAs the modern world becomes ... more

Helping to curb the surge

Cooper Bussmann’s Tony Garlinge-Warren looks at what measures should be considered when protecting PV system components, in particular inverters, from the damaging effects of overvoltage surgesThe ... more

UPS technology to meet large scale data centre power demands

Larger data centres are now being commissioned to meet the level of today’s demand for online data processing capacity. Kenny Green, technical support manager at Uninterruptible Power Supplies, a ... more

Biomass plant enhances efficiency

The Lijnco Green Energy Biomass Plant (LGE) in the Netherlands is using over 40 Danfoss VLT frequency converters in its process control systems to help ... more

Energy efficient critical power

With units available from 10kW to 400kW, the new Green Power (GP) 2.0 range of UPS from Socomec UPS provides users with full rated power (kW = kVA) supporting full loads up to 35°C in accordance with ... more

UPS with up to 99.5% efficiency

Following over three years of research and development, Borri has recently unveiled its new UPS system - The Primacy. The new transformer-free 60-100kVA UPS units can achieve up to 99.5% efficiency whilst still providing power protection and user flexibility. The UPS retains... more

Energy efficient UPS hits the market

Offering back-up to an individual server, network racks or telephone switch board systems, Zigor has introduced its new Tiber online UPS range.The Tiber replaces Zigor’s Rhin series and is available ... more

Learning can increase earnings

Advances in technology and new installation techniques means that modern electrical contractors must invest in regular in-depth training in order to remain competitive and to future-proof their ... more

Energy efficient cooling

Rittal’s range of TopTherm fan and filter units has been further expanded with the introduction of a 230V AC 900m3/h variant. The entire range of fan and filter units utilise a diagonal fan to ... more

Built-in Bluetooth technology for label printing

The Brady Corporation has recently introduced its new BMP 51 and BMP 53 Label Makers. These new offerings feature a Bluetooth Network Card, meaning the labels can now be designed on an Android ... more

A new incentive

The current economic climate and new government legislation has forced many businesses to consider innovative ways to reduce costs - especially those incurred from energy. Lisa Gingell, director of t-... more

Measurement is vital to management

Ian Robinson, group director, The IMC Group, explains that energy monitoring is the crucial first step towards making sure that buildings are sustainable and efficientResearch from the Carbon Trust ... more

Four steps to better efficiency

With energy efficiency high on everyone’s agenda, it is important that electrical engineers and contractors offer customers the latest information about reducing fuel consumption, and to provide ... more

Voltage control reduces energy consumption by 11%

PowerSave, a division of voltage control technologies specialist Claude Lyons, is helping Riverford Organic Vegetables to save around £8,000 annuallyRiverford Organic Vegetables run a vegetable box ... more

Surge protection for PV systems

Because of their often exposed installation sites and large collection areas, photovoltaic (PV) installations are at risk from both direct and indirect lightning strikes.Whilst only an external ... more

The power of communication

The advantages of UPS communications capability includes warning all ICT equipment it supports of any power failure, managing multiple UPS installations, and delivery of data for preventative ... more

Huge savings on truck costs

vBatteries and battery management systems from Hoppecke Industrial Batteries have helped builders’ merchant Travis Perkins to save around £250,000 a year on the cost of running a fleet of ... more

Micro-power PV: an integrated solution

The emerging domestic micro-generation market could be key in meeting future electricity demand. However, as Wylex explain, reaping the full benefits of micro-generation will hinge on simple and safe ... more

Ri4 Power - flexible and modular

Rittal’s Ri4Power, Form 1-4, offers an economic approach to low voltage switchgear requirements with easy planning, simple handling, quick installation and a high degree of modularity. Ri4Power, Form ... more

New Consumer Unit range includes landlords’ metering option

The ‘Homesafe’ range of domestic consumer units is the first offering in a brand new range of low voltage switchgear products under the Havells brand. Homesafe offers all the control and protection ... more

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