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New lighting system for Luton Borough Council

Luton Borough Council has become the first local authority in the UK to roll-out the LeafNut remote monitoring and control system for street lighting from Harvard Engineering using the company’s ‘... more

Protecting against substandard LED lighting

Osram has revealed that more than 70 substandard or even illegal LED-based products have had to be withdrawn from sale in the four years since Europe began phasing out incandescent light bulbs in ... more

IET to publish LED code of practice

A new Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems will be published in January 2014 by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). LED lighting is a fast developing... more

Illuminating North America

Harvard Engineering has signed a sole agreement with Venture Lighting, for the distribution and sale of Harvard’s LeafNut solution in the US and Canada. LeafNut is an advanced revolutionary wireless... more

Flex on film

Flex connectors have produced a new animation to demonstrate how simple the flex7 lighting connection and control System is. The animation gives an overview of how the modular system fits together, ... more

Simplifying lighting circuits for Winchester hospital

Hager’s new Klik.system dual supply marshalling box has saved Winchester hospital both equipment and time during the installation of essential and non-essential lighting circuits for its new 2000m2 ... more

Rio cleared for take-off at Glasgow Airport Business Park

Venture Lighting’s new Rio street lighting kits have been installed at the Cirrus Building in Glasgow Airport Business Park, resulting in an improvement in general light output and significant ... more

Cutting costs after dark

With increasing concern around the cost and sustainability of energy, Harvard Engineering explain how efficient street lighting can play its partLighting is responsible for 19% of global electricity ... more

Heading for an integrated future

Stephen Woodnutt from Delmatic explains why integrated systems represent the best solution for energy efficiency and sustainability, and questions why the UK seems so slow in adopting an integrated ... more

Lighting and indicators

Using its experience in LED technology and high IP rated enclosures, Banner has developed a new Lighting and Indicators division. The Lighting half of this division has two main parts, Vision lights ... more

Five years to world domination

When it comes to energy efficiency, the benefits of LED technology are well known. This raises the question then as to why they are not used everywhere. Adrian Rawlinson of Marl International, ... more

Illuminating lamp recycling

Nigel Harvey, chief executive of Recolight, the WEEE compliance scheme for lamps and operator of a nationwide lamp recycling service, explains how electrical contractors and wholesalers can recycle ... more

New CPD training now available

The flex7 System from Flex Connectors is celebrating its 15th birthday in October this year. The flex7 System, designed and manufactured in Britain, is a lighting connection and control solution for ... more

New floodlights well suited for large area illumination

Kingfisher Lighting recently released its new high specification, low profile die-cast floodlight, ALUDRA, which is well suited for large area illumination such as car parks or retail. Aludra is ... more

New LED display lighting

Luzonic has introduced advanced LED versions of its Alterlite display luminaires for fashion and food display lighting.There are six luminaires in the range with light outputs from 1,000 to 4,500 ... more

Waterproof occupancy detector

BEG (UK) has introduced its new waterproof (IP65) ceiling mounted occupancy detector, the LUXOMAT PICO-M 1C.The sensor and power supply are in a single housing, complete with cable with a ring ... more

Inspiration from efficient lighting

A new aquatic centre in Luton is saving energy and reducing carbon emissions after specifying CP Electronics’ Vitesse Modular 4 lighting connection system which has been used in conjunction with the ... more

Bringing the sea to life

ColorBlast Powercore LED fixtures from Philips Lighting are being used at the Brighton Sea Life Centre to create a colour changing display while at the same time helping to reduce energy consumption ... more

The benefits of automatic emergency lighting testing

Today, building owners and responsible persons must be able to prove that their emergency lighting systems work correctly as designed and must maintain them in full working order. To achieve this, ... more

LEDs - the facts, the fiction

Megaman’s Adrian Kitching points out that while the rush is on to install LEDs into as many applications as possible, the technology was introduced with a specific purpose in mind and contrary to ... more

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