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Enabling faster troubleshooting

Fluke has recently introduced its 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrators. Due to the fact that operating the 750 Series is very similar to the Fluke 743/744 Documenting Process Calibrators, users will be able to immediately start using the 750 Series, with no training being required. more

Plug-in for safety

Providers of test and measurement equipment, Martindale Electric, has introduced its new SB13 Safebreak Socket Test Adapter, an accessory for electricians that eliminates the need to remove the wall socket faceplate during electrical installation testing. more

Three new additions in ScopeMeter range

Fluke, a provider of electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced three new 2-channel models to its range of handheld, portable 190 Series II ScopeMeters. The Fluke 190-202, the Fluke 190-102 and the Fluke 190-062, offer 200MHz, 100MHz and 60MHz respectively, up to 2.5 GS/s real time sampling rate and 400ps resolution.


EMC test box

KEC has developed a purpose-built test box for Alstom Grid. The new KA0916 plugs into Alstom Grid VBE cabinets that are used as part of the company’s high voltage, direct current (HVDC) electronic ... more

Ensuring PV systems are compliant

Because photovoltaic (PV) systems can operate at 1,000V DC when installed, it’s imperative that they undergo electrical safety testing at the production stage of the panels and arrays to ensure ... more

Portable proving devices

The new PD440 and PD430 (below) proving devices are well suited for use with Drummond Test Lamps, Digital Multimeters and Low Impedance Voltage Testers, and also generate voltages up 450V, thus offering a greater level of operator safety.

Use of higher voltages than seen in the real world can be misleading, therefore voltage indicators should be proven at the normal working voltage... more

Offering an alternative to thermal imaging

Offered as a low cost alternative to thermal imaging cameras, The Schaeffler Group has introduced its new TempCheck PRO handheld non-contact infrared temperature measurement device. The TempCheck PRO ... more

New eco-friendly shock chamber

For testing in the automotive industry, Unitemp has introduced a new range of thermal shock chambers. The two models in the TSA series E-Type range feature a new eco-friendly design that offers energy savings of up to 37%.

For thermal cycle tests the ambient temperature range is 50°C to 200°C, and the low temperature range is -55°C to 0°C, with a temperature fluctuation of ±0.5°C. more

A dedicated IEC 62353 safety analyser

To meet all the requirements of IEC 62353, the standard for in-service and after repair testing of medical electronic devices, Rigel has launched its new 62353 handheld electrical medical safety analyser.

Features of the device include automatic sequencing, onboard data storage and data entry, improved battery power, and a lightweight enclosure. The Rigel... more

Removing rotational uncertainty

Megger’s new PSI410 phase sequence indicator enables the phase rotation of 3-phase supplies to be checked quickly, reliably and safely, thus eliminating the risk of the costly damage to equipment that can occur when supplies are incorrectly connected.

With a CAT IV 600V safety rating, the new PSI410 is suitable for use on all parts of LV installations. It uses a bi-colour LED display to show phase sequence - for clockwise phase rotation the LEDs... more

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