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Playing a starring role in powering ITV

Published: 16 September 2019 - Carly Wills

For the last year, PPSPower has been playing its part in keeping ITV on the screens by providing ongoing maintenances services. The role has also involved engineers being on set at Coronation Street.

The national provider of back-up generator and uninterruptible power supplies service, maintenance, repair and installation solutions is ready to react immediately should any problems arise for the prestigious television production company.

The work so far has predominantly revolved around ProVision, ITV’s equipment rental arm, particularly the firm’s vehicle generators and the lighting rigs for TV production.  Work has also been carried out at ITV’s Studios in Manchester and Leeds.  

Stephen Peal, PPSPower’s managing director, said: “It can be extremely demanding, but we have extensive experience in high pressure environments when time is of the essence. The cost of equipment going wrong during filming can be disastrous and the consequences be significantly higher than that of the equipment. If there are problems, we are ready to respond and respond quickly.

“If they are on a break in filming there is possibly only a short window to find the problem and fix it before filming starts back up again. But that is a challenge that we are up for.”  

Peal said that ProVision has been a particularly pleasing client to work for. He said: “This is a fairly standard contract for us, but one which doesn’t come without its pressures and one that we are proud to be involved with.

“It is a good company to deal with. The staff are all switched on with senior staff and site engineers who are very knowledgeable. They know what they are talking about which makes our lives a lot easier.” 

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